Behind The Mask

Based on true-life experiences

In the early days of war-torn France, both rich and poor are thrust together, a mixed society struggling to survive. American born Yvette Matikunas, one of the privileged few, flees Paris with the mass exodus. When a deathbed promise has her roaming the streets with a dangerous message, she learns no one is who they seem to be and trust is a thing of the past.

Injured when trying to save the life of one of his men, Colonial André Rinaldo is disillusioned by a shell-shocked country and a weak government. Persuaded to go underground and unite his fellow compatriots by forming resistance groups, he meets a beautiful blonde, whose determination to free France from foreign dictatorship is as strong as his. In the middle of espionage and clandestine rendezvous, they form a partnership that deepens under the ever-present threat of arrest. But with America’s interest in the war building in the background, all Americans are ordered to leave. Will Yvette return to the States, or will André persuade her to stay and fight for love?


Life experiences told by the author's family are incorporated into this fictional tale about life in France during World War II. Coded messages lead to life-and-death situations amidst the façade of normalcy and a few comedic scenes, which add relief to the vivid passages of war that are well-crafted and give us a glimpse into life during the 1940s. It gave me a piece to a period of time I had not known much about.
A great story not to be missed. I highly recommend you click purchase now and enjoy Behind The Mask
as much as I did.

I enjoyed the historical insights to this love story. We often hear American viewpoints, but how did the war affect the French countrymen who lived through the turmoil? Marianne presents the story based on family first-hand experiences. She uses very vivid descriptions of characters which allows our imaginations visualize the actions and feel we were living the emotions of the characters. The love story itself was tenderly portrayed and I would certainly recommend the book.



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About Marianne Petit

Marianne Petit is a past President of the Long Island Chapter of the Romance Writers Of America. Her love of writing stems back to high school. She spent hours reading Nancy Drew, Alfred Hitchcock, and poetry. At the age of fifteen, she wrote a short story for children, as well as numerous works of poetry. Her love of history stems from her father, Roger, a Frenchman, whose love of American history greatly influenced her writing interests.

She is a past President of the Melville Lions Club, a service organization that raises money for the less fortunate—especially the sight and hearing impaired.

Newsday and several local newspapers have written articles on Ms. Petit and she was recently interviewed on TV for her time travel.

Marianne loves to ski, white water raft, horseback ride, and enjoys the theater. She lives on Long Island is happily married for over 30 years.

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