Elders Rock! Don’t Just Get Older: Become An Elder

Elderhood has a capital E. Elder is a STAGE of life, not an AGE of life. This book is unique and powerful. It will help you become that rarity - a Wise Elder, a Joyous Elder. This book is for you who yearn for the happiness, enthusiasm and centeredness our later years can provide us. Elderhood is full of aliveness, joy and creativity; our birthright. Join me on this journey. Use this book to coach yourself to live a life you love. Your family will be better for it and you will leave a more powerful legacy. And the world will be a better place because you have lived. "The best is yet to come."

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About Harvey Austin

Dr. Harvey Austin is a surgeon, artist and charismatic international speaker. He lives inside a commitment to a powerful future for humanity wherein every child is wanted, fed, loved and is given the support they need to fulfill their greatest potential. He is a commitment to the Wisdom of Elder as an essential ingredient. He is a sculptor, writer, leader and philanthropist. A powerful Elder, he lives in Florida with his wife, Ellen. Between them they have nine children, six adopted.

A powerful Elder, his seventies have been "... my best decade. I am more centered, enthusiastic and creative than at any previous time." Harvey has taken the challenging and freeing path that Elders Rock! endorses.

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