Bank Magic: Financial Literacy for Young People

Financial Literacy for Young People

Bank Magic began as Murray’s response to the questions and conversations that came from his clients. He was inspired to provide his clients and in particular, their children, with sound advice on managing their finances. He often heard his clients say, “No one ever taught me about this" or "This is the stuff I wish they taught me in school." These questions and conversations became the inspiration for this book. This book reflects Murray’s passion for sharing his real-world insight on money with his clients and their children. His goal is that every reader walks away from Bank Magic with the understanding and the tools to prepare them for today and the world ahead tomorrow. With this book, Murray sincerely hopes that the financial questions that come up from young adults can be answered and lead to a financially well-informed adult.

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About K Samuel Murray

K. Samuel Murray is the owner and founder of the accounting firm TaxAssurances, LLC located in New Rochelle, New York. Founded in 2011, the firm provides tax preparation, payroll processing, business advisory, and a number of other accounting related services.

Prior to starting TaxAssurances, Murray worked as an accountant, banker, and financial adviser for over 10 years with individuals and businesses. His goal has always been to help his clients solve their everyday financial challenges.

He has worked for several world-renowned financial institutions including Bankers Trust (now Deutshce Bank), Morgan Stanley, Wachovia (now Wells Fargo), J.P. Morgan Chase, H.D. Vest Financial Services, and H.R. Block. He holds a B.S. in Accounting from Hampton University and has held the Series 7 and 66 securities licensing.
A frequent writer on his company blog and other writing outlets, Murray is also the author of the book Top 12 Tax Deductions You Might Have Missed: Tax Tips For People Who Do Their Own Federal Taxes.

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