Backyard Butterflies Coloring Book

Backyard Butterflies Coloring Book is a color and learn book designed to entertain and to educate children from 8 to 12. All the sketches come from real photos of backyard butterflies. Backyard butterflies refer to butterflies that are common to southeastern backyards in the United States. Each sketch is accompanied by a bit of information about that specific butterfly or butterflies in general. From the information given, the children can use their creativity to color the butterfly and the nectar plant. The sketches range from easy to complex and could be interesting to children, teens, and even adults.

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Nancy Lorraine is a wife, mother, and grandmother, an author, a master gardener, and a retired mental health professional. Nancy's books are inspired by her observations of the butterflies, birds, and garden insects who live in her extensive backyard butterfly garden. She hopes her books encourage children to explore the natural world in their own backyards.

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