This book covered the study of approximately 100 new books from top Influencers  published since march 2017 on the new internet and new systems. The new impetus and focus has been interpreted for readers, authors and self-publishers.

This book provides order from the chaos, and shows a possible way for sustainable development. The shift from the lesser to the greater perspective invites insights into new system and stack technologies, bots and integrations for scaling enterprise.

This book is a must for Authors.


Professional Reviews
Jan Tuner. GM. Prima Books. Editor. Laser Annals

Dear Malini,
Thanks for sharing. You are as energetic as ever. Scanning through your text, I feel content with the fact that I published my books before the digitalization process got this far! In the old days, you could write a book by hand. Then someone else did all the rest. The computer was fantastic for writing, this was really user friendly. The internet made sales possible, but getting more distant to what an author is supposed to be good at. Now you can be author, layout specialist, printer, marketing specialist, salesman etc. if you are good at these things. But how many of us are? Even in the young generation. I can see all the possibilities for independent authors but just being a good author is no longer sufficient, alas. I enjoying writing all kind of things, but that's it.

You have moved a long way from writing laser texts, but I supposed it was in the process of marketing your books that you achieved all this new skills. I did note the possibility of using face recognition in a store, to track customers. If I knew they were using such techniques, I would never set my foot in the shop. Have installed various programmes on my computer to keep Google and other foes out of my private life. Not very successfully, I am afraid, but I do my best.
Best Jan --

Hassanriyadul . USA. Goodreads
May 30, 2017. Five star rating.
It it was amazing
It indicates specifications of Optimization of the book in the marketplace for discoverability.covers news and insights into Artificial Intelligence at work and boosts authors support through integration of popular Bots on sites as Slack and CRM's.
It supports the seller to graduate from basics in Facebook boosting to large scale operations and metrics of any content building enterprise.

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