Anya and the Cavern of Trials

As the third book in The Cupolian Series, magical action and adventure will climb to the highest level yet. Friendships will change, and loved ones will be lost. The crown of Cupola faces its biggest challenge.

With the Queen's men at their feet, Anya must get her friends and family to safety. But the only place they can go, the nomadic rebel village, may not want them. Anya brings with her the deadly task of destroying the ancient power crystal. The challenges she must overtake will force her to face her greatest fears and test her friendships in ways she never before imagined. Join them on their journey, as Anya, Taika, and Gevin reveal the deepest mysteries of Cupola.

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Ms Cauldron writes books for all ages. While fantasy and science fiction usually pique her interest; humor, character conflict, and smart aleck dialogue are her favorite go to’s. She currently resides in eastern Cupola with 12 gramwhats, 3 cats, and a herd of domesticated moths.

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