The Lost Egg

Anky The Daydreaming Dinosaur

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Anky is a dinosaur with a special gift - he can see the future! Sometimes this makes him do strange things that his friends and family don't understand, but Anky's always looking out for them...especially when a strange egg crosses his path! Aimed at readers aged 4-9, "Anky The Daydreaming Dinosaur" is a magical story straight from the Jurassic.


I really enjoyed this story. I like the pace at which you get introduced to the various characters and environments. The characters are well thought out and each has his/her own personality, which is very well defined by good writing skills. I particularly liked the way the author lets each of the characters have their own moment in the spotlight.The environments are rich and varying. From the snowy planes to the raging rivers ,to the tropical forests and towering mountains, this journey will definitely take you to some very interesting places.All in all, I really enjoyed the story and the art and I am certainly looking forward to the next episode! Definitely recommended!

Format: Kindle Edition

The ingredients: a dash of adventure, 2 friends, a loving family, a touch of fantasy, and oh yeah a heaping dalop of dinosaurs. Mix these all together and you get Anky The Daydreaming Dinosaur: The Lost Egg, a well illustrated and written children's book. The book is just the right length for your little tikes, especially the beginning reader and also for those who still love for us, the parents, to give them that nightly adventure that I received when I was a child. I believe this series will go far and I see a couple of spin-offs with ShiShi and Dippy the friends Anky made on his first adventure. Ashleigh Hanley is a very talented author, and that little flash I just had says that we will be seeing more of his adventures on children's bookshelves, kindles and smartphones all over the world.

Format: Kindle Edition

If your little one likes adventure and has a wild imagination, then this book will be a hit at story time. Anky is a special dinosaur who has the ability to see glimpses into the future. This special power leads him into all kinds of mischief. Joining Anky in the story are his dino pals, Dippy and ShiShi, his parents and his baby sister, Pooka. With book two already in the works, I can't wait to see what other crazy adventures await this adorable daydreaming dinosaur.
As a side note, I'd also love to see a Pooka spin-off... maybe special powers run in the family? Something for the talented author, Ashleigh Hanley to think about!
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About Ashleigh Hanley

I am born and raised in Sydney, Australia. Anky is my first foray into Children's Book writing. Having spent many years writing film scripts, I wanted an escape from film and found I could really get creative by writing a book that would have appealed to me as a kid. I love dinosaurs and I loved the adventures the Goonies went on - so I tried to bring these two worlds together.

I have now completed 3 books in the series which are all live.

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