An Expat’s Experiences of Living in Turkey

An Expat's Experiences of Living in Turkey, covers my life from when first offered a contract to work here back in 1988 up until 2015. Although I had worked on contracts in a number of countries, none had been married status. However, as the contract in Turkey was, my wife came out to join me. Her doing so proved a life changing one for us, as it led to our enjoying a life that for many is but a dream. Although Turkey is a Muslim country, with a culture far different than England, we soon found it easy to settle in. At the time of our arrival in what at that time was the small village of Kemer, down on the Mediterranean Coast, we only found two speaking English. This proved not a problem, with our making friends with several Turkish people who unlike me, quickly learnt another language so we were able to converse with them. It was amazing experience living in such a beautiful location, with our finding Turkish people to be extremely friendly and helpful. Due to this and a far better climate, (over three hundred sunny days per year) it led to our deciding to uproot ourselves from England and move to live in Turkey. We bought some land and had a house built just outside of Kemer. From then on, our whole life style was far more relaxing and healthier than when living in England. The years spent living here have proved to be full of all sorts of incredible incidents, which I think readers will enjoy reading about. Apart from explaining about my life here, the book offers advice on a variety of issues, which I think beneficial to others both living and thinking of living here. The idea of living abroad from one's home country, although challenging, is something well worth considering. If doing so, always remember and be prepared at finding that things are not always the same as in your own country. As for myself, moving to Turkey is something I have never regretted, with my enjoying a good lifestyle. Since the death of my late wife, at the age of 72, I remarried a wonderful Turkish lady, two years younger than I. We are now enjoying a second incredible happy life here in Turkey.

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As an expat who worked in fifteen countries spread through the Middle, Far East and North Africa, Colin Guest has lived a life most only dream. He has self-published seven books. Two have been made into Audiobooks, with three more due to be completed early 2019.
A number of Colin’s articles have been published in online magazines and one in a UK expat magazine. A local newspaper in Colin’s hometown in England published an article about him. In conjunction with Voyage Media, Colin prepared a pilot episode based on his memoir that they think could be suitable for a television series. Colin has taken part in several online interviwes and once took part in a live online American radio show. Colin uses his website www.colinguestauthor and various social media accounts to help publise his books.

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