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Amie: African Adventure

African Adventure

Amie Fish, an ordinary English housewife, is thrown headlong into a third world African country when her husband, Jonathan, receives a once-in-a-lifetime promotion. Far from the normal expatriate life Amie was expecting, she finds herself deep in political intrigue, indebted to a corrupt African master manipulator and fighting for her life in the African bush.


This was a terrifying thriller story of a young couple who went to Africa for the husband’s job. Clarke has lived in other countries including Africa and so tells a convincing tale. She is a skilled storyteller and has created a very likeable character in Amie, though her friends and family back home don’t understand how she can deal with the cultural differences.

I felt I was in Africa there with Amie, adapting to the new lifestyle, going to work with orphans and sipping coffee with other expats. When the city goes under and Amie is forced to run, her survival skills are put to the test, leaving an exciting climax and room for questions answered in the sequel. Recommended to lovers of travel and adventure.

I loved this book! It's the best story I've read in a very long time. I love a story that makes me feel like I'm living with the characters. I could feel Amie's anxiety about moving to Africa, her adjustment to her new life, her sympathy, fear, frustration and love of Africa and it's people.

Lucinda Clarke is such a great storyteller and I was instantly drawn into the story of Amie who ends up in Africa because of her husband. I love the African setting and the author does such a good job of describing the surroundings that you feel as if you are out in Africa. Amie:African Adventure is a great read and I highly recommend it.

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About Lucinda E Clarke

From a very early age, Lucinda E Clarke always wanted to write, but was ordered to "get a proper job." Journalists were required to drink their targets under the table to get a story, she was told, and alcohol doesn't agree with her! So she dutifully trained as a teacher, and has taught in seven different countries - from primary school infants to lecturing adults in Technical College. She also bred small animals for pet shops, ran the worst riding school in the world and dug up dead Romans on archaeological digs. After she got married, she and her husband moved from country to country, usually one step ahead of the creditors, but eventually Lucinda found the courage to leave him and began to write and write and write. She graduated from radio, to television and then ran her own video production company, winning over 20 awards along the way. She has known great wealth and dire poverty, and has learned many valuable lessons, and her unquenchable sense of humour, and lots and lots of hard work kept her sane. She lived for more than 30 years in Africa before moving to Spain with her second husband; their four children scattered around the world and no animals at all. She writes a satirical column for a local publication and gives talks to special interest groups, particularly on history which is her second love - her husband comes first of course! Amie is her second book, her first, Walking over Eggshells, is a gently humorous account of her dysfunctional family. You can contact Lucinda by email and follow on Twitter @LucindaEClarke and on Facebook: Amie an African Adventure. Her web page is

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