American Borders

A Motorcycle Misadventures Journey

An exploration of the borders between the United States, Canada, and Mexico on an unreliable Russian Ural motorcycle with sidecar becomes a comedy of breakdowns in small towns all around America. This four-month, 10,000-mile adventure spans moments of blissful backroads freedom, cultural connection, and roadside romance—interrupted by cracked welds, electrical gremlins, evil tow-truck drivers, tornadoes, and hurricanes. From British Columbia to the Blue Ridge, Boquillas to Beverly Hills, this is an intimate exploration of the United States and its neighbors.


I read the book with delight, like enjoying a box of chocolates all by yourself; and I highly recommend it. --Alexia Parks, author of Rapid Evolution, Seven Words That Will Change Your Life Forever!

King is an unusually gifted story teller who is able to weave details of her trip in with her sensations, feelings, thoughts, emotions, and dreams. The heroine was confronted with one major problem after another that would have overwhelmed most other people. But King was stronger than her tribulations and eventually prevailed. You will suffer with her each time she encounters a problem. And you will rejoice with her each time she eventually prevails and gets back on the road. Once you start reading this book, will not want to put it down. -- Frazier Douglass

Carla King is a noted travel writer and leader in the indie publishing movement so I expected this story to lean heavily on the traveling aspect of this journey she makes cross-country on a Russian motorcycle. I didn't expect it to be an "Eat, Pray, Love"-like read but it was. A woman going it alone after leaving her marriage is at the heart of this story. I'm basically a wimp but I love reading about women who aren't and Carla King is one of those women. If you need some inspiration, especially if you're a woman, read American Borders. -- Marla Miller, author, Deadly Little Secrets

From the moment Carla's motorcycle started up the road to adventure, I was with her the whole way. You discover, laugh, get pissed off, and at times, unsure what's next as King curves and glides across America. Great adventurous read. All the people you meet. I felt as though I was meeting them too. When the bike breaks down, and it does - the uncertainty of - are we done now? Hope not. And, then on the road again. Makes you want to take off and discover the jewels awaiting you in a unique travel mode, especially for a woman. Where to next, Carla? -- June Ahern, author

I'm not a big non-fiction reader, but this reads like a novel and is set in places around the entire US border. The story is about Carla who rides an old Russian Ural motorcycle, helping the company see how it will fare in the US retail market. It breaks down more than a lot and she ends up stuck in different places around the country and meets fun people, creepy people, and a cast of characters that include utmost inclusiveness and kindnesses as well as a couple of dreadful experiences. Truly a great read. -- Celia Kilsby

"Finally, an entertaining book written by an experienced and well-traveled woman motorcyclist. Motorcyclists, non-motorcyclists, women, and men will find Carla's story both heartwarming and revealing as she tiptoes the lines between feminine woman and hardcore biker, flirty and reserved, and carefree and responsible, knowing right when to use each persona to her advantage."  —Genevieve Schmitt, founder,
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Carla King is the author of the real-time internet dispatches American Borders, China Road, and Indian Sunset. Her work has appeared in Wild Writing Women: Stories of World Travel, Travelers' Tales anthologies, and In Search of Adventure. She is at work on a travelogue based on her China trip on a Chang Jiang motorcycle, and she also writes and gives courses on self-publishing. She lives in San Diego and Baja, California, where she explores the region by motorcycle, paddleboard, and 4x4.

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