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Absorbing Lives

A YA Dystopian Sci-Fi Urban Thriller
Absorbing Lives A YA Dystopian Sci-Fi Urban Thriller by L T Anderson
"Written in a commanding and hard-hitting style, Anderson's prose effectively conveys the tension and terror of a world erupting in chaos, with a doomed love affair at its center." - The BookLife Prize from Publisher's Weekly

This high tension, high-tech story of redemption, the elite vs the oppressed and discovering self-worth will keep you turning pages nonstop.

In a world where the high-tech Changers rule and the average person is expendable, Krystal Peterson was at the bottom of the bottom. Friendless, ugly, blemished and scarred, Krystal was a loner living on the street, destined to die young. She would have agreed to anything to change her miserable existence.

When the Changers offered her beauty and immortality, Krystal made the deal of a lifetime. The assignment was easy: Infiltrate the Punks and eliminate a high-ranking commander. Life was good until she began to question her feelings for her target victim. Krystal found out forever is a long time when you're indebted to the Changers.

Now, banished by the Punks and rejected by the Changers, Krystal must choose a side. But first, she must discover redemption and beauty within, scars and all. Before she finds that place inside herself, she falls to a new low she has never seen.

Dion, the heart of the Punks, has a monkey on his back the size of an AI mutant Chybrid. The elite Changers bring everything in their high-tech arsenal to the Perimeter Gate to destroy the Punks. With blurring loyalties and spies in his ranks, Dion must face the battle head-on.

Fighting against all odds with a rag-tag group of misfits and society's rejects, the Punks hold the fate of civilization in their hands.

Absorbing Lives is a YA dystopian sci-fi urban thriller featuring a strong female lead and a diverse cast of characters.


"Desperate times call for desperate measures in Anderson's dystopic future. As the divide between social classes rages on, succubus-like Changers are pitted against the stubborn and rebellious Punks, with malicious and benevolent Infiltrators posing threats at every turn." - The BookLife Prize from Publisher's Weekly

"No reader would expect the status quo to be sustainable, and it isn’t. The Changers go to some incredible lengths to upset the balance of power, and the Punks have to deal with both internal and external pressure (I’m choosing vagueness over spoilers on this point). When the situation comes to a head, it’s explosive. The second half of the novel has a ton of action and an epic scope, presenting an action-packed series of climactic events that bring all the different story threads together." - Amazon Review

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About L T Anderson

LT Anderson is a father-daughter writing team comprised of Les and Taylor Anderson.

Lovers of all things punk, ska, alternative, indie, rock, retro, mid-century modern and kitschy, Les and Taylor are Southern California natives, now living in California’s beautiful Central Valley.

Twitter: @RogueChangers
Instagram: roguechangers

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