A Voice for Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens

A Voice for Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens is much more than a memoir; it is a humanizing tribute to Chris Stevens the man, by the woman who loved him. Lydie M. Denier, former fiancée and the love of Chris Stevens’ life, paints an intimate portrait of the brilliant and mercurial diplomat, teacher and Arabist that was Chris Stevens.

Murdered in Benghazi on September 11, 2012, along with Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, Chris’ voice has been silenced, his personality buried beneath an avalanche of sordid headlines, political agendas and lies. In her book, Ms. Denier gives Chris a voice, finally setting the record straight about their passionate and turbulent love affair, his commitment to the people of the Middle East, and her dedicated quest to uncover the truth about what really happened the day Chris Stevens was killed and more importantly, why he was not protected. From Hollywood to Cairo, Washington D.C. to Libya, Ms. Denier shares the joy and pain of love, loss, tragedy and healing.


Lydie Denier has captured the tragedy of Benghazi and the loss of a true American Hero in the late Ambassador Christopher Stevens like no one else in the world is possibly capable. As the former fiancé' of Stevens, Denier has humanized and highlighted the very essence of a diplomat who was committed to serving his country and helping a world in turmoil. After reading Denier's book of love, loss and tragedy you'll see that Ambassador Stevens deserved a government as good as he was.

There are so many important topics covered in the book that it's incredibly hard to pick just a few to discuss here as importantly, they all bridge together to create the backbone.
It is honestly such a detailed book and a perfect memoir. Buy it here or here now. Support Chris, Lydie and where a % of the proceeds are going, 'WIRED International, a non-profit volunteer driven organisation' which provides medical and health education to LEDCs - a cause close to my medical-student heart.
I highly recommend this book! Lydie gives great insight into Chris' life; including a remarkable love story. It brings the reader forward to understanding what motivated him to be where he was and how our government let him and the others down!
Great read...loved the personal allows great insight into a wonderful man , who loved his job, and his Lydie...
Really got insight into the difficult life an Ambassador really has...his interest in getting better Arabic skills and language made his loss even greater...take this book on a plane or on your car as you wait for kids....
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Lydie M. Denier is an accomplished actress, demonstrating her versatility with appearances in over forty television series and feature films. She is best known as Yasmine Bernoudi on General Hospital, Jane on Tarzan, the television series, and Nicole on the series Acapulco Heat. On stage, she portrayed the title role of the iconic movie star Greta Garbo.

Lydie has traveled far from the countryside in France where she grew up watching old American movies on television while dreaming of becoming an actress. Her journeys have taken her to exotic lands and her experiences have been diverse. Now, as she enters this next stage of her life as more of a writer than an actress, she embraces it with all the joie de vivre for which the French are famous.

Lydie currently lives in beautiful Laguna Beach, California, where, as an excellent chef, she loves to cook when she is not writing or acting.

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