A Very Furry Christmas

Holiday Cat Tales

Finalist in the 2016 Royal Palm Literary Award Competition. (Florida Writers Association)

Dear Reader: Please be aware that this is not a children's book.

Slipper’s Last Breath

For most people Christmas is a time for reflection, a time to share and celebrate with family and friends, but for some it is a time of sadness and quiet desperation. What if your soul mate, best friend and lover is no longer around to share in the season of joy and you are about to lose the last remaining link to a life you once knew and loved. Would you find the strength to survive?
Slipper’s Last Breath is a story about love, companionship and triumph over tragedy.

Some might call it a Christmas miracle, but I call it the power of unconditional love.

The Unwrapped Gift

Sometimes the best gifts are the unexpected ones. After enduring the heartbreak of a bad marriage, Beth is in no mood to celebrate the Christmas season. It’s sad enough spending the holidays alone, but watching Spice, her five-year-old Labrador retriever, mope around the house was more than she could bear. A visit to Miller’s tree farm to cheer up her canine companion leads to an unexpected find and the possibility of a new found relationship.

When she least expects it, Beth rediscovers love and the magic of Christmas.

A Charcoal Christmas

She was born under the loading dock behind Johnson’s Market and lost her mother when she was only five weeks old. One of a litter of six, she and her siblings had to learn to fend for themselves at a young age. The life expectancy of a feral cat is short, but thanks to the generosity of a compassionate store owner, the kittens were well fed and enjoying their lives. Then one day a stranger appears and takes her away from the safety of her kin. Confused and frightened, she is forced to endure an uncaring human and ultimately the forces of nature, in hopes of returning to the ones she loves.

A Charcoal Christmas is a bittersweet tale of survival, hope and loving companionship.

Christmas Mourning

A troubled priest struggling with doubts about his faith and vocation has an unexpected encounter with a stray, weather-beaten black cat. When Father Pedro decides to provide warmth and shelter for the lost creature, he has no idea how this simple act of kindness will impact his life forever.

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"A Very Furry Christmas: Holiday Cat Tales by John D.Ottini is a collection of short stories about cats and Christmastime; I assume you figured that part out already. It contains four tales and is categorized in the Other Fiction genre. Set during the Christmas season, there is a common thread of the intense connection between cats and people. In "Slipper's Last Breath," a sad widower is overwhelmed by his cat's illness and impending death on Christmas Eve. "The Unwrapped Gift" showcases a newly divorced woman and her dog picking out a tree and finding a new friend or two. A feral kitten copes with changing circumstances in "A Charcoal Christmas" and a priest has a crisis of faith in "Christmas Mourning." When you mix the power of love and Christmas together, there are sure to be surprises, hope, and maybe even a miracle." -

"Each story takes you away from the commercial side of Christmas and makes you think about people that may find it hard at this time of year, while also giving you a happy ending. There is always hope and by unconditional acts of kindness, there can be miracles too.The author writes with compassion and I am sure that many readers will identify with some of the experiences of the characters involved." - Catworld Magazine (Page 28, December 2017)

"Author John D. Ottini is a gifted writer whose stories are sure to put a smile on any readers face. Filled with heart, humor, and unexpected twists, this collection of short stories are sure to keep readers coming back for more. Enjoy!" - Book Basset (December 2018)
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About John D Ottini

John D. Ottini was born in Northern Italy, raised and educated in Canada, and currently resides in Central Florida with his wife and a mischievous kitty named Bella.

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