A Time To Heal

[Putting The Past Behind Me]

"A Time To Heal--[Putting the Past Behind Me]" is a Sequel to "In The Sanctity Of My Dreams--[Reflections of My Heart]."   This inspiring book  takes the reader on a journey of healing the heart.  This book takes the reader on a long journey of healing the wounds and hurts of the past, maybe helping the reader to take a look at their own life, the bridges that they have crossed and the bridges that they may need to burn down to help them forget the hurts and wounds of a love lost, or a relationship that took a wrong turn.  And help them to find ways to write down the things that may be keeping them from allowing their past to be healed.  

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About R. Vance "Little-Hawk" Oliver

My poems and Essay's speak a lot of who I am.  I feel that my poetry is a gift that God has blessed me with to share with others.  Growing up, as well as walking through my adult years, I have always had a hard time expressing my views and my thoughts when things get tough.  So, I started writing down the things that I wanted to say out loud.  When I was going through different trials in my life, it was sometimes hard to let other people in, so I just wrote what I was feeling and what I wanted to say to those involved.  I wrote "A Time To Heal" [Putting The past Behind Me], to take me through the healing process of the deep wounds  and hurts of my past.  It is my hope that when your read this book, it will help you to take a look at the things and people in your past that you may have allowed to consume your energy and stop you from living the full life that God intended for you to live.  And to let your heart be healed of the pain that has left you to feel so wounded for so long.      

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