A Taste Of The Peculiar

Enter the world of the puzzling and curious in this collection of ten peculiar tales. A tailor receives help from invisible hands; a rambler is forced to work for the dead; a young man confronts the past; a strange package hounds a woman to distraction; a dream catcher nets a killer; a soldier meets a mysterious medic; a grandmother teaches her grandson a deadly lullaby; a necklace weighs heavy around a man's neck; a rich man delights in his bizarre collection; and the happiness of a newlywed couple is strangely cut short.

A rich gathering of short stories to tantalise, intrigue, and leave you with a shudder up your spine.

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About Sarah K Goldsmith

With a background in publishing, Sarah has always been passionate about books and writing. Having taken the plunge, she has unleashed her powerful short stories onto the world, showcasing her work in fiction publications on Sarah's first collection of short stories, A TASTE OF THE PECULIAR, taps into her love of all things weird and wonderful, including the paranormal, folklore, and revenge, with a little bit of dark magic thrown into the mix. SHADOWS OF REVENGE is her second gathering of chilling tales where vengeful wraiths seek a bitter kind of justice.

When Sarah isn't beavering away researching local legends and WW1 heroines, she's likely to be pottering in the garden, baking cakes, or pondering the possibilities of owning a unicorn farm.

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