A Tale of Two Nations

Canada, U.S. and WWI
A Tale of Two Nations: Canada, U.S. and WW1 by Melina Druga

In our 24/7 news cycle, it is difficult to imagine a time when news reports were often days old, when stories weren’t necessarily confirmed and when colorful language permeated articles. During World War 1, that’s exactly how newspapers in Canada and the United States reported events locally and aboard.


A Tale of Two Nations focuses on the start of the war and key events from 1915-1918. It examines events not through the lens of hindsight and analysis but as they occurred.


In A Tale of Two Nations, you’ll read about:

  • 1914: War begins in Europe
  • 1915: The Second Battle of Ypres and sinking of the Lusitania
  • 1916: The Battle of the Somme and the U.S. presidential election
  • 1917: The Battle of Vimy Ridge and the United States enters the war
  • 1918: The war ends and the Spanish Flu Pandemic
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About Melina Druga

Melina Druga is a freelance journalist, history enthusiast and author.  Her focus is on the period 1890-1920 with a particular interest in WW1 and how the war changed the lives of ordinary people.   In addition to her books, Melina blogs mostly about history on her website with the goal of educating those who know little or nothing about the topic.


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