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A Necessary Act

Can you stop a serial killer before he starts? If so, should you? How far would you go?

The students at Lake Mills Community High School knew there was something wrong with Scott – but what David saw firsthand was more than they could ever imagine. He and his best (only) friend Matt were content to keep their suspicions to themselves until a simple trip to the library sets them on parallel trajectories where even the most careful plans have unexpected consequences that can rock a community and reverberate long after they're gone.

Fifteen years later, Matt loses his high-profile reporter gig and is forced to return to the town he did everything he could to leave behind. He gets a shot at redemption with the small-town weekly where he started and quickly discovers a community that has moved on from the past. Well, everybody but David. He remembers everything and doesn’t buy a thirty-something Scott’s “normal” act. There's a madman hovering inside. After all, some people never change, right?

Something the entire town is reminded of when the first dead girl turns up.


"A Necessary Act grabbed me by the throat and refused to let go - even after I turned the last page!"

- C.H. Armstrong

Author of The Edge of Nowhere

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About Tony Wirt

Tony Wirt was born and raised in Lake Mills, IA. A graduate of the University of Iowa, he spent 15 years working in journalism and media relations before turning his hand toward fiction. He currently lives in Rochester, MN, with his wife and two daughters. A Necessary Act is his first novel.

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