A Little Guy With Big Dreams That Are Soooo Totally Not Gonna Happen

This is the coming of age story of a tall lanky boy with knock-knees who tried to find his place in life by trying to write like his favourite author. The story journals his mischievous escapades and shenanigans, his awful shyness of girls, and his general social awkwardness. It also recounts his emotions and the incidents that happened around him before, during and after he wrote the book, including his brazen efforts to get it published, although he was told it was never going to happen.

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About Ernest Antwi

At the age of thirteen, Ernest wrote his first book. He never stopped writing, and, currently, he has a number of books, plays and poems either ready for publication or in different stages of development.

Ernest holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master of Science in Refugee Studies. He is also the founder of a charity organisation called Refugee Aware. He presently lives in London with his wife and three sons.

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