A Gift of Wings

The world he left behind…

Half-Seraph and skilled fighter, Aidan Townsend could no longer live with the consequences of being a celebrated member of the Forces of the Fallen. So he walked away from it all. Now, he has created a new life—a human life—as songwriter and lead singer for a successful Chicago band. And he keeps his angelic abilities carefully hidden—even from himself.

…is the world that awaits her.

Lucky Monroe is just an ordinary girl—or so she thinks. About to turn eighteen and with high school behind her, she’s looking for a job, contemplating college, and gradually coming to terms with her beloved grandmother’s descent into early-onset Alzheimer’s. When her cousin Josh takes her to hear a popular local band, and she sees fiery wings extending from the back of the handsome and charismatic lead singer, Lucky learns she’s not so ordinary after all. In her dangerous new world of Fallen angels, demons, and ancient deities, Lucky must decide who and what she is willing to be, in order to save someone she loves.

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About Stephanie Stamm

Stephanie Stamm is the author of the Light-Bringer Series of NA/YA urban fantasy novels. She lives in Southwest Michigan, where she works as a technical writer, practices yoga and tai chi, and watches too much Doctor Who. You can visit her on her website at or on Facebook at

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