A Find Through Time

Struggling with severed family ties and a love life gone sour, forensic artist Gabrielle Camden immerses herself in sculpting the face of a young Native American woman whose parallel life takes her on an incredible journey back in time to Custer’s Last Stand. The path leads her deep into the heart of the Sioux nation and into the arms of a Lakota warrior named Two Moons.

Gabrielle must reconcile her life on the plains with the one she left behind and the man who awaits her return. But before she can give her love to one man, she must lose the love of another.

News reporter Roy Prescott knows there’s a story just itching to be told surrounding Ms. Camden’s latest project. But before he can soothe her skeptical heart and unveil her secret, she disappears without a trace leaving him to search for her in the most unlikely place…his past


Janelle Taylor, New York Times bestselling author says of A Find Through Time: "A well-told saga where love prevails even across time."

A love that seeks no boundaries and finds eternal life. "A Find Through Time is an exciting and sensuous story." Roberta Gellis, author of A Delicate Balance

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