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A Duck Named Goose

A Pekin duck longs to fly like all the other birds. After numerous attempts, she finally realizes she can with the help of a special someone.


"Katherine Bartlett does a fabulous job in so many ways with her book, "A Duck Named Goose". This is a great story geared at reaching a variety of age ranges through her writing. She tells the story of a cute little duck named Goose. Goose has a dream to fly and aside all odds, will stop at nothing to make that dream come true! I think that the underlying motivation of never giving up on your dreams is a great tone throughout! My twins loved the story and I was very impressed with the beautiful illustrations and watercolors on each page. The book is well written and very adorable - I highly recommend "A Duck Named Goose" and other writing by Katherine Bartlett - she's a fantastic writer!" - Lacey Noland

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About Katherine Bartlett

Katherine Bartlett is a bird lover extraordinaire, with parrots and even a Pekin duck that reside with her. She has always had a love for animals and has more than just birds including dogs, fish and a lizard. Katherine currently lives in the southeast where she home-schools her daughter and works from home as an author.

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