A Bronx Boy’s Tale

A Bronx Boy's Tale is the story of a boy growing up in a special place at a very special time. Providing a neighborhood context to historical events, A Bronx Boy's Tale helps you see America through the eyes of one boy who grew up in a time of tremendous change and strife, but who still had time to live a grand life in the greatest place on Earth. If you grew up in the Bronx, or only wish you had, you should read this book.






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Jimmy Newell grew up in The Bronx in an Irish Catholic family. Attending Catholic schools at a time of tremendous social upheaval, Newell observed and absorbed the best that the Bronx had to offer. Besides being an author, Newell has been a teacher and a lawyer. He resides on the East End of Long Island with Eileen his wife of thirty eight years. Together they raised three children who returned to the Bronx to attend Fordham University.

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