A Break In The Balance

Frank Rhoades is not your typical hero; in fact, he's no hero at all. Dragged into a fantasy quest, he has no super powers, no magic, no hidden fighting skills. His companions are a Prince of Hell and a draconic demi-god of Good, both of whom are far more capable than he could ever hope to be.
Can he help retrieve an artifact from an ancient Evil and save the Worlds, while keeping his companions from each others' throats?

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About Carol Bosselman

Carol Bosselman has been working on the Trials of A Demon Prince series since her teen years, loosely based on a gaming character. She has written for theater, including an adaptation of The Hobbit, and her view of how Shakespeare got his ideas in A Bard Dreaming. These days she is involved in puppetry, creating scripts, puppeteering, and doing voiceovers for Dobbinshire, a planned children's series that aired on Schenectady Public Access. She also makes jewelry, miniature marionettes, and has done some illustrations for Trials of a Demon Prince.

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