A Book of Five Rings: A Practical Guide to Strategy by Miyamoto Musashi

A Modern Translation For The 21st Century by Theresa M Moore

A retranslation of the master work on strategy by the master ronin and kensei (sword saint) Miyamoto Musashi; containing principles which can be applied to the battlefield, gaming, and the boardroom. This book also includes a biography of Musashi and essays on history and the martial arts traditions of Japan, as well as a gallery of art by Musashi and a full color gallery of art by other artists celebrating his life and work.

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Theresa M. Moore is an author and illustrator who publishes under the Antellus imprint. Her current projects include the Children of The Dragon SF/vampire fusion series and the Saxon & Hampstead Investigations, Ltd. mythbuster detective series, as well as single novels. She writes in a strong cinematic style to bring the full experience of the story to the reader. Moore also writes nonfiction essays and books on genre related subjects like history, mythology and science, with a view to educate as well as entertain.

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