70 Years of American Captivity

The Polity of God, The Birth of a Nation and The Betrayal of Government

Have you ever asked yourself how our diverse nation got along to begin with and why we were able to work with one another up until the last fifty years? First, let’s just state the obvious: The religious, agnostics and atheists aren’t leaving the country any time soon. 70 Years of American Captivity reveals documentary proof of a non-sectarian covenant agreement which applies to all Americans within our Federal Compact. It takes a non-judgmental approach in proving God is NOT “judging” America, while revealing historic, scientific and documentary evidence that the Federal government has broken its covenant to the citizens it swore to protect— and there are literal consequences to this breach which can be systematically explored. Taking screen shots through 500 years of American history allows readers to become infused with a flavor for a very distinct American covenant: One which ties religious, economic and non-sectarian goals under one umbrella of Federal awareness. Factual history and modern news feeds all speak through historical narratives and current stories of injustice in order to prove scientifically to the atheist, biblically for the believer and with common sense for all others that by breaking our American covenant, we will set ourselves up for a seventy-year captivity. There is good news: You’ll learn how our diverse nation got along and continued to work out our differences while making it a birthplace of liberty and ingenuity. You’ll explore solid solutions for economic, social and spiritual applications which can go a long way to help Americans avoid landing on the ash heap of extinct civilizations. Before we trust any more tax seasons or election cycles to a Federal government in the throes of betrayal, this book reaches out to all walks of life with hope for the future.

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70 Years of American Captivity won the 2017 Book Excellence Awards in the category of Social/Political Change. The Book Excellence Awards look for a descriptive and inviting title with organized, well-researched material on a subject that is timely and/or timeless, unique, or presented in a unique way that appeals to a wide audience.

As a Finalist in the category of Law, 70 Years of American Captivity rose to the top from over 2,000 other entries in American Book Fest’s 2017 Best Book Awards. In its 15th year, authors and their books from mainstream as well as independent publishers all vied for the attention of a panel of distinguished industry judges who brought editorial, PR, marketing and design expertise to select books from all around the United States.

The Independent Author Network receives entries from authors all around the world. By receiving Finalist awards in both General Non-Fiction and History, Chris Meier’s 70 Years of American Captivity, gives its readers versatility and depth. Well-researched material, presented in a unique way are hallmarks of their criteria.

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About Chris Meier

Chris Meier is an ordained minister, pastor, author and guest speaker with 30 years of experience sharing the unexplained of the Bible with those who desire it explained— even to those who wish it would go away. Chris Meier holds an Associates Degree in Biblical Studies from Christian International. She is an ordained minister with the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies and a founder and pastor of Christ-Centered Ministries for Worldwide Worship, a teaching and preaching ministry.

She worked as an ordained ministerial volunteer in street ministry, homeless ministry, prison ministry, nursing home ministry, and both at-risk and women's outreaches. She holds the following secular certificates: Certified Shorthand Reporter (court stenographer) with the State of New Jersey (CSR). Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) and Certificate of Merit (CM) writer with the National Shorthand Reporters Association. As a result, she worked as a per diem reporter in the New York City metro area on various civil lawsuits, primarily in depositions (discovery before trial).

She can be reached for church and ministry services, speaking engagements and book readings and signings on Twitter and Facebook @70yrsbook and

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