36 Hours to Save the President

The assassination of Abraham Lincoln is still one of the great tragedies of American history. Lincoln’s heroic life and untimely death has inspired many to imagine going back in time to save him from the assassin John Wilkes Booth.

For Alex Linwood, a lifelong admirer of Lincoln, this dream becomes a reality when, while visiting a location frequented by the President, a serendipitous event transports him back to April 13, 1865. There a spirit from Lincoln’s past explains to Alex that he has been given the unique opportunity to devote the next 36 hours to save the President.

As the hours count down, Alex comes face to face with the individuals central to the assassination, and the lives of Lincoln, Booth and Alex Linwood become ever more closely entwined. Can time traveler Alex Linwood actually prevent John Wilkes Booth from murdering the President, thereby altering the course of history?

This thrilling suspense novel is a must read for all Lincoln devotees and anyone who has ever felt the burning desire to challenge the tragedies of history and make things right.

Enjoy this short excerpt from the book about Alex Linwood's encounter with one of the women central to the assassination plot.


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Amazon Reviews:
Fascinating - Fun - Suspenseful

Fascinating and fun read that is surprisingly suspenseful as the protagonist makes his way around historical Washington DC. Excellent use of descriptive language for the reader to immerse him or herself in the story. For the history and Abe Lincoln fanatics out there, this is a must read! I also think this would be a great read for school aged children, as it uses factual information and wraps it into a fun story. Parents, check this one out for your kids! Great opportunity for anyone to learn something from an author who knows Lincoln's life and assassination like the back of his hand. This story presents the reader with details that you never learned about from a textbook, guaranteed! Get i
A Real Page Turner
I have always liked historical fiction and this book was no exception. As such, I felt pretty familiar with Abraham Lincoln's life and the days leading up to the assassination. And with that knowledge, I appreciated the way the author provided me with details I didn't really know and how he introduced the story line specific to the time-traveler without it seeming out of place. The quest to stop John Wilkes Booth was really good and I found myself eager to turn the page to find out more. No spoilers here, but definitely worth the read to see if history can be changed.

What an Education

This book is not only a creative fictional page turner, but an extremely accurate, detailed account of history. Who knew you could learn so much about President Lincoln and his assassination while enjoying a suspenseful time travel novel. I was hooked knowing Alex's every thought process as he attempted to change history. Really loved the surprise ending - very unexpected. A good read whether you're a Lincoln fanatic or not at all.
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About Alan Trock

Alan Trock is an attorney who lives with his wife in Southern California.

Alan has been a follower of all things Abraham Lincoln – going to many of the locations around the country associated with him. He is also a devoted reader of books about Lincoln ever since he got his first one at the age of 13.

Over the years, he has grown his library to close to 100 books. With so much knowledge about Lincoln, it was only natural that Alan wanted to contribute his own words and thoughts. So one day he sat down and composed the first chapter of a novel which started him down that path.


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