35 by 35: A Runner’s Quest

Running a marathon can be daunting for many, but it is magical for Taryn Spates. She takes us on her journey from her first inspiration through her greatest triumph, sharing the peaks and valleys she experiences growing from a young college graduate to a parent and professional in the entertainment industry while maintaining her true identity as a marathon runner. Spates’ story is funny, heartfelt, and inspiring, capturing every nuance and emotion experienced throughout a marathon race and the marathon of life.


I read this a week before attempting my first Ironman. In addition to being inspiring, it taught me that it's okay if your race does not go according to plan. Just buckle down and adjust like Taryn did time and again.

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About Taryn Patrick Spates

Taryn Spates is a writer and runner who lives for story telling and adventure. She is a daughter, sister, wife, stepmother and California native currently living in the majestic San Fernando Valley. Taryn graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Studies from the University of Colorado at Boulder, then went on to pursue a career in Visual Effects in film and television production. She wrote her first book after being inspired to run thirty-five marathons by the time she turned thirty-five years old.

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