101 Strategic, Job Search Marketing Steps

101 Strategic, Job Search Marketing Steps is a job readiness guide that attempts to assist the Baby-boomer, Generation X, and the Millennial job seeker with a plan to assess career and personal strengths, weaknesses, and barriers with the use of Digital Technology and Social Media. The author believes that changing your mindset to market oneself like that of a business' product or service is the way to a successful job hunt. The author also uses graphs, economic statistics, and an understandable writing style to engage the job seeker. Lenora believes that the removal of barriers; personal, career, and skills gaps, mixed with an effective and consistent career search plan, and creative job search marketing tools, that the job seeker increases his or her chances at successfully locating employment.

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Lenora Johnson is a Certified Professional Résumé Writer who owns Boss Résumés and Cover Letter Service. Lenora’s resume writing services have been visible on the internet since 2003. Lenora Johnson is a mother of four children. She currently is a specialist of creative job search marketing tools for job seekers who understand their value and the need of valuable job search assistance to help market their personal brand. She enjoys writing resumes and other job search marketing tools. Lenora has been Certified Professional Résumé Writer by the PARW, Professional Association of Resume Writers. She is also a member of this association since, 2006. She has written newspaper articles for community newspaper, Bargain Value Paper. In addition, she has written many blog entries in relation to career development and job readiness, and is currently finishing up several books. She enjoys topics of discussion of the economy, religion, war, history, and racism. Lenora looks forward to putting all of her experiences in informative, book form and hopes that her readers are touched by each and every word. You can find her on Linkedin, Twitter, and many other social media network sites while surfing, learning, and growing from our new social media and smartphone, tablet, and internet technology boom.

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