100 days of solitude

A personal journey that inadvertently became an accidental self-help guide to doing what you love and living as your true self, whoever that might turn out to be, 100 days of solitude is inspiring thousands of people to claim the time and space they need to find themselves and live their best lives.


This is not one of those 100 day challenges, nor is it about hardship and isolation and going off the grid; if anything, it's the opposite of that. In giving up her life in London to spend 100 days living alone on a small Greek island, Daphne was searching for a better way to live, and for deeper connections with her true self and those around her. The things she gave up turned out to mean very little, and most of the challenges she faced came from within, from her own preconceptions and the Antagonist that we all carry around in our heads.


Part memoir, part fiction, part philosophy and part travel writing, 100 days of solitude is a collection of one hundred stories, all of them connected and each one self-contained. One hundred essays on choosing uncertainty over security, change over convenience, seeing things for what they truly are, and being surprised by yourself; on love, loss, death and donkeys; on reaching for your dreams, finding enlightenment on a rural road, peeing in public, and locking yourself out of the house; on dangerous herbs, friendly farmers, flying Bentleys and existential cats; and on what it feels like to live in a small, isolated island community through the autumn and winter, to live as a writer who actually writes, and to live as your true, authentic self, no matter who that turns out to be. And to write your own story, the way you want it told; to find your voice, and the courage to let it be heard.


Reviews from Amazon.co.uk:

“If you have ever stopped yourself doing something you love because ‘now just isn’t the right time’, read this book.”

"I recommend this book to anyone standing at a crossroads. Anyone who is close to giving up on their dreams. Anyone caught up in this rat race we call "life" and anyone who has ever spent any time soul-searching. That's everyone, right?"

"To say I loved it is an understatement. I am still living in its pages. It's colourful, it's funny, it's so true, it's thought provoking. It's the most beautiful collection of thoughts, stories, provocations and fun that I have bought this year."

"For me, every time I sat down to read it it felt as though someone shook out the madness from my head onto a big shiny table... then bit by bit organised it, made sense of it and put it away somewhere where it almost belongs. [...] You can expect to fall in love with this book."

"It is about facing one's fears and limitations, overcoming the obstacles by acknowledging that it's all in our head and that we always have options, but mostly it is about reinventing oneself. It is the story of a girl who gave herself the space and the time to do what she really loved."

"A masterpiece and future classic."

"I'm still not sure why I loved it. Who cares, just enjoy it."


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About Daphne Kapsali

Daphne Kapsali is a writer, reluctant yogi, and pathological optimist - among many other things. In 2014, she gave up her life in London to spend the autumn and winter writing on a remote Greek island; the result, a book entitled "100 days of solitude" – 100 separate and interconnected stories on claiming the time and space to live as your true self and do what you love – was published in March 2015 and has become an unexpected bestseller. She has since published another seven books, all of which are available from Amazon.

Daphne is a big fan of the law of attraction, the universe and all things positive, and hopes her story will keep inspiring others to overcome their fears and limiting beliefs, and live their best lives.

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