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Tyler Doornbos

Author Websites  |  Grand Rapids, Michigan  

Founder of Featherlight Websites, an innovative subscription website services designed for authors and thought leaders. Packages start at just $79 for a fully custom, managed website. Also, partner at Well Design, an award-winning design, web and communications firm.

User Experience: 6 Author Website Mistakes to Avoid

In more than a decade of making websites, first as a freelance designer/developer for small...
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A Good Landing Page Is Essential to Your Author Website

Time to level up your website -- custom landing pages can make your site tailor-made...
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Author Website Security: 4 Key Steps in Less Than 1 Hour

Uncontroversial statement: website hacks are a pain! Now you that you've built it, they will...
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Website Analytics for Indie Authors: Understanding Your Traffic

Truth: in my professional opinion, there is not much that an author really needs to...
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Insider’s Guide to Your Author Website: Execute!

So, you're still with me? Well done! With Part One and Part Two of this...
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Insider’s Guide: Essential Author Website Component Checklist

This is the second in a series of posts focused on building the best author...
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The Insider’s Guide to Author Websites: Set Your Foundation

Adapted from the Self-Publisher's Ultimate Resource Guide. Want more outstanding self-publishing insider knowledge? Pick up...
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