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Ron Callari is the self-proclaimed “Social Media Scientist” who entered the social media marketing space a decade ago, after an extensive career in the traditional marketing field with such mult-nationals as Marriott Hotels & Resorts. Understanding what occurred as a paradigm shift in business practices, he’s melded the best practices of the past with 21st Century innovation. As a social media marketing strategist, he’s assisted small businesses such as the tech start-up,, an automated social platform for converting customers into brand advocates. Recently nominated for the 2014 “Small Business Book Awards,” Ron is a regular contributor for CIO, InnovateThink, InventorSpot, Telzio and, with topics focusing on cloud computing, social media marketing, tech innovation and self-publishing. In 2010, the Huffington Post acknowledged his satire, “Facebucks” as  the best graphic novel of the year. As a social media marketing consultant, Ron assists firms with not only out-of-the-box strategies, but with full-blown campaigns and execution encompassing launches, development and rebranding.

Inkitt: Using Algorithms to Open Doors for Indie Authors to Become Bestsellers

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been both hailed and panned by critics.  Critiques range from a...
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Social Network Tsū Video Contest To Reward Indie Songwriters $22K

Today’s blog is a follow-up to a feature written back in 2014, just one month...
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Medium: In Search Of A Medium for Self-Publishers

Since Twitter first launched in 2006, the 140-character limit quickly surpassed its initial small cult...
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Open eBooks for Children: Future Opportunity for Indie Authors

The Open eBooks initiative was established with a partnership between The New York Public Library,...
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What Amazon and Libraries Have in Store for 2016

Isn’t it an oxymoron to think of Amazon as a brick and mortar store?  Founder,...
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Instagram vs. Twitter Advertising for Indie Authors

For those interested in using the microblogging platform Twitter to hone their craft, let me...
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The Side Hustle for Indie Authors

Face it, not all who enjoy the pleasure of listening to one’s muses and putting...
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Is Twitter Fiction an Option for Self-Publishing Authors? – Part Two

Concise expression is characteristic of astute, perceptive and pithy dialogue.  After all, isn’t “brevity the...
Read More Turns Self-Publisher’s Websites into Point-of-Sale

Do you have a website for your book?  Does your website also serve as a...
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Artisanal Publishing vs Self-Publishing

My last blog spotlighted 2016 predictions from some of the publishing industry’s top thought leaders. ...
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2016 Predictions for the Self-Publishing Industry

As we look forward to the coming year, the self-publishing world will undoubtedly present us...
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Free Reedsy Book Editor For Indie Authors

Winning the ‘BookTech Company of the Year’ Award at the FutureBook Conference on December 4th...
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HarperCollins Goes Indie?

HarperCollins Publishing LLC is one of the “Big Five” publishing houses, alongside Hachette, Holtzbrinck/MacMillan, Penguin...
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Self-Publishing Luminary Dan Poynter Blazed Trail For Indie Writers

Since the self-publishing world is a nascent space, one doesn’t often think of it in...
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Pronoun, Another Self-Publishing Tech Advancement or Cure-All for Indie Authors?

Over the last couple of years, I’ve reviewed dozens of start-ups, which have launched new...
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