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Robin Cutler


Robin Cutler, Director of Ingram’s independent publishing program, IngramSpark, is the former Assistant Director of USC Press, CEO and founder of Summerhouse Press, and Vendor Manager for Amazon/CreateSpace.  She works, writes, reads and lives in beautiful New Mexico.

BookExpo 2017: Shifting Sands in the Publishing World

There were some noticeable changes in the publishing industry that were in full-view this past...
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Are Indie Authors the New Self-Publishing Experts?

In my role as Director at IngramSpark, I’m exposed to thousands of authors and publishers...
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Libraries and Bookstores Are Getting Into Indie Publishing

Bookstores have always been a great resource for authors wanting to self-publish their work. But...
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Postcard from the Frankfurt Book Fair 2016

I’ve had the privilege of attending the Frankfurt Book Fair in Frankfurt, Germany for many...
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A Passion For Indie Publishing

As part of my job at IngramSpark, I attend many publishing, indie publishing, and author...
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ISBN Q&A: Everything You Need to Know About Barcodes

What the Heck Is an ISBN? Probably one of the most confusing single discussion points...
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The Holiday Season Is Looming – Will Your Book Be Ready?

With the unprecedented heatwave that is sweeping across the nation this week, it seems a...
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How Indie Authors Can Get Their Books Into Libraries

One of the most frequent questions I get from authors I meet at writing conferences...
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BEA 2016 Wrap-Up

The winds circling Chicago’s McCormick Place on May 11 had noticeably shifted on the first...
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Indie Authors: Think Like a Publisher!

I recently met with Mary and Karen who are helping authors bring their book to...
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Writing For No Other Reason Than…

Is there anything more thrilling than seeing your finished book for the first time?  To...
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How to Get Distribution AFTER You’ve Printed Your Book

I’ve written and presented many times on the value of using Print on Demand (POD)...
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How Romance Writers Woo Readers Through Facebook

I was recently invited to speak at a romance writers' conference.  What I learned from...
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Black Butterfly: How Poet Robert M. Drake Used Instagram to Create an Unlikely Bestseller

One of the most delightful surprises I’ve had at IngramSpark throughout 2015 is to see...
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Metadata Part Two: BISAC Codes and Keywords

In last month’s BookWorks' blogpost, we started a conversation about metadata (book information), defining all...
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