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Karen Conlin

Indie Editor-at-Large    

Since 2012 I have been providing top-notch editing services to indie authors. I started as a technical editor back in the ’80s, working first on video training manuals for computer hardware and then on educational software. From there I moved to role-playing games, for the then-largest publisher in the business.

These days, I concentrate on developmental and copy editing for indie authors. My services are described in detail here on Google Drive. You can follow my adventures here on the BookWorks blog and on Twitter and Google Plus.

Spellcheck Cannot Save You! Author Do’s from Your Editor

Last time, I wrote about the five author don'ts to avoid when working with an...
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Spellcheck Cannot Save You! 5 Author Mistakes to Avoid

Maybe you've heard other authors complaining about What Went Wrong with That Editor or maybe...
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Spellcheck Cannot Save You! Book Editors’ Roles in Publishing

I'm guessing you haven't spent much time pondering book editors' roles in publishing. I get...
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Spellcheck Cannot Save You! Essential Grammar Books

In my last column, I suggested my fave resources for indie authors who want to...
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Spellcheck Cannot Save You! Essential Self-Editing Tools

I’m an editor by trade, but I know that writers do an enormous amount of...
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Spellcheck Cannot Save You!…On Constructive Criticism

When it comes to constructive criticism,’s about the words, not the writer. One of...
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Spellcheck Cannot Save You! Don’t ‘Ghost’ Your Editor

Social media talks about what it means to ghost someone, which is simply vanishing from...
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Spellcheck Cannot Save You! Style Sheets Are Your Friend

Style sheets are an author's friend. If you know what one is, you’re probably nodding...
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Spellcheck Cannot Save You! Know English Grammar Rules

There is an apparent lack of consensus about English grammar rules. English is a quirky...
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Introducing Our New Indie Editor at Large

We are pleased to announce a new edition to the BookWorks Team. Please join us...
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Hiring and Working With Editors: Do’s & Don’ts

Okay, so you’re a new writer and you realize you need to find yourself an...
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How Well Do You Understand Register in Writing?

When we stumbled upon we had to check it out. There we discovered two passionate (and...
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