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In our quest to bring you the best information and news, we invite industry experts and influencers to join our regular BookWorks Blog Team as guest writers. We’d love to hear your feedback and questions in the comments below.


Time to Rewrite Your First Draft? Try This 5 Step Plan

With NaNoWriMo over, many writers are celebrating a huge milestone: the completion of their first...
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Novel Editing: A Three Step Recipe for Getting It Right

We are fans of UK fiction editor Louise Harnby's podcasts and frequently share her posts...
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Top 5 Twitter Tips to Powerfully Market Your Books

Twitter is an important venue to reach readers, so we invited Rachel Thompson of BadRedhead...
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How to Use Low Content Books to Build Your Author Brand

We recently came across a post by business author and self-pub coach, Heidi Thorne, about...
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Should Indie Authors Use a Publishing Imprint?

Do indie authors benefit from having a publishing imprint? What even is an imprint? In...
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Blogging Is a Potent Tool for Author Platform Building

We're pleased to welcome BW member, Anne R. Allen, for a special guest appearance to...
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Announcing Indie Author Day 2019 – Get All the Details

Indie Author Day 2019 is happening again in October and we wanted all our peeps...
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Voice Assistant Tech Offers New Opportunities for Writers

As you likely noticed, voice assistant devices have been on our radar lately. This "smart"...
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Will Your Books Be Voice Search Discoverable?

Miral Sattar has seen coming (and participated in) the voice search revolution. The serial entrepreneur,...
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Get In On #NaNoProMo (National Novel Promotion Month)!

—Guest Contributor Rachel Thompson, @BadRedheadMedia— May is right around the corner and with it comes—along...
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Bookstagram for Indie Authors Part Two: Strategy

—Guest Post by Laura Hartley— In Part One of this Bookstagram 101 guide, we discussed...
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Bookstagram 101 for Indie Authors: Getting Started

—Guest Post by Laura Hartley— If you’re a self-published author trying to get the word...
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Tips & Resources for a Tiered Discount Book Promotion

Plan a Multi-Tiered Book Promotion Price promotions are one of the most useful strategies independent...
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Indie Author Day Recap: It Was a Hit! Here’s a Peek

The second annual Indie Author Day was a knockout! Were you one of the many...
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Indie Author Day 2017 Is Amost Here! Are You In?

Are you getting excited about Indie Author Day 2017? We shared all the details in...
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