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In our quest to bring you the best information and news, we invite industry experts and influencers to join our regular BookWorks Blog Team as guest writers. We’d love to hear your feedback and questions in the comments below.


SELF-e: Indie Authors and Libraries Matchmaker

—Guest Post by Emilie Hancock of BiblioLabs— So, you’re an indie author who has just...
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DRM (Digital Rights Management): What You Need to Know

Guest Post by Xavier Davis Despite Digital Rights Management (DRM) being a widely used technology...
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Missing Contact Information Is Killing Your Book Sales

Guest Post by Joan Stewart of Contact information is probably not the first thing...
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4 Things We Learned From Indie Author Day 2016

Guest Post by Emilie Hancock of BiblioLabs As a sponsor of the inaugural Indie Author...
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Countdown to Indie Author Day 2016, Oct 8

Guest Post by Emilie Hancock of BiblioLabs We invited Emilie back for a quick rundown...
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Indie Author Day 2016, Coming to a Library Near You

Guest Post by Emilie Hancock Calling all indie authors!  We're pleased to announce a nationwide...
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