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Chris Well

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Chris Well is the creator of Build Your Brand Academy and a media veteran with 30+ years experience working in magazines, newspapers, broadcasting, and digital media. In that time he has been a magazine editor, columnist, journalist, broadcaster, and teacher, with field experience covering music, publishing, human interest, and more. (There was also that time he was the editor of a bridal magazine.) Also a published novelist, Chris has written suspense and mysteries for traditional publishers and as a self-published author. Download your free Author Publicity Blueprint to get valuable checklists, mindmaps, and even brainstorm prompts to help you get media attention for your book!

How to Pitch a Seasonal Story for Media Publicity

Welcome back to our series about creating a bunch of different news ideas to capture...
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Pitch a Timely Media Topic to Attract Coverage

Welcome back to our series about creating many pitch angles to drive media interest. In...
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Attract the Media by Pitching Relevant Topics & Angles

We continue our series about creating several angles to talk about your book. This time...
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How to Get Ongoing Media Placement for Your Book

If you've been following my prior series on how to get media attention for yourself...
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Follow Up Your PR Pitch: 7 Secrets for Success

You sent a PR pitch to the media. Hurray! When promoting your book, publicity is...
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Offer Value to the Media’s Audience to Get That Spot

You finally got that book published! How exciting! You put into it all that blood...
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Identify Your Target Audience for Effective Author PR

Before you kick off any kind of publicity strategy, one of the most important things...
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How to Use Media Attention to Build Your Email List

For months now, this column has shared the ins and outs of leveraging the media...
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Author Publicity Media Tips for the Camera Shy

Got a book to promote? One of the fastest ways to get your book in...
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Your Author Media Calendar for Pitching Seasonal Events

Publicity is a great way to get in front of new audiences and introduce yourself. ...
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Amplify Your Author Media Interview: 5 Promotion Tips

It’s great to be a guest in the media! When they put you in front...
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Media Networking via Social Platforms for Author Publicity

Years ago, the media was like a castle surrounded by an impenetrable wall and a...
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Author Media Page Essentials Part 3 – The Right Images

Welcome to the final installment in our “crash course” on creating an author media kit....
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Author Media Kit Essentials Part Two – About Your Book

This month, we continue our crash course on creating your author media kit. These materials...
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Author PR Kit Essentials Part One – Author Components

As I mentioned in an earlier post, it’s important for your author website to have...
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