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Carla King

Tech Expert  |  San Diego, California  

Carla King is an adventure travel author who has been self-publishing since 1995. In 2010 she founded Self-Pub Boot Camp, an educational program of books and workshops. She also serves authors who don’t want to do it all themselves with planning, formatting, distribution, websites, and other geeky aspects of publishing at Author Friendly.  

Use Calibre to Create EPUB & MOBI Versions of Your Book

[caption id="attachment_14161" align="alignright" width="185"] It's difficult to pack a library on a motorcycle, even with...
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Pronoun & Macmillan: a Shift to More Author-Friendly Publishing?

UPDATE 11/9/2017  - This week, Macmillan announced that Pronoun will be shut down January 15,...
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Comparing Reedsy & Pressbooks’ Online Book Creation Tools

Pressbooks and Reedsy Test-Drive When Reedsy released their online book creation tool earlier this year...
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Mastering Metadata: the Key to Marketing Your Books

Metadata is your best friend and marketing partner, so craft it carefully!  When you’re ready...
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Productize My Book? You Bet! Sell Direct!

How to Productize Your Writing and Make More Money When you think about making money...
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How to Optimize Your Amazon Author Central Page

Your Amazon Author Central page is your home page on the world’s largest bookstore, yet...
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Book Reviews for Indie Authors – Part Three: Paid Reviews

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, other BookWorks bloggers have suggested some...
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Great Free Editing Tools for Indie Authors

In a previous post, I reviewed some robust editing tools worth paying for that also...
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Practical Editing Software for Indie Authors

Because professional editors are so expensive (and worth every penny), the purchase of electronic editing...
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Seven Ways to Jump Start Your Book Cover Design

It’s never too early to think about your book cover design. Even if you’ve got...
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Calling All Authors: Learn What to Expect from a Good Publishing Consultant

Even with all the free and low-cost information available about self-publishing a book, many authors...
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A Free EIN Simplifies the Business of Self-Publishing

The simplest way to start your publishing business is to obtain an EIN and you...
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What Every Author Needs to Know About Microsoft Word “Styles”

A Very Short Tutorial Carla King Originally published in the BookWorks Blog, July 27, 2015...
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