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Carla King

Tech Expert  |  San Diego, California  

Carla King is an adventure travel author who has been self-publishing since 1995. In 2010 she founded Self-Pub Boot Camp, an educational program of books and workshops. She also serves authors who don’t want to do it all themselves with planning, formatting, distribution, websites, and other geeky aspects of publishing at Author Friendly.  

Tech Tools for Writers Roundup from BW Tech Expert Carla King

Here’s my annual roundup of tech tools that I feel are indispensable to my work...
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Use Beta Readers to Perfect Your Story and Cultivate Fans

Beta publishing and working with beta readers are fantastic ways to cultivate fans and market...
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As the Sun Sets on Pronoun, Evaluate Alternatives

As the sun sets on Pronoun we can continue to enjoy its benefits while evaluating...
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Avoid Sales Tax Double-Dip: File a Resale Certificate

How many times have you ordered boxes of books from CreateSpace or IngramSpark to sell...
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Affiliate Marketing Can Help Authors Make More Money

Affiliate marketing programs and curation tools help authors make a few more pennies on each...
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7 Keyword Tools to Help Authors Create Good Book Metadata

When you upload your book to online retailers and distributors like Amazon, Smashwords, and IngramSpark, you'll...
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The Vanity Press Trap: How to Avoid & Recoup the Damage

Watch out for vanity and subsidy presses who lure you in with fancy marketing and...
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4 eBook Platforms Offering Cool Data, Distribution & Marketing Tools

There are a lot of eBook platforms out there—how many do you know? I bet...
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Best Writing Apps for Increasing Productivity

By the time I get through all my emails, my social media posts, and my...
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6 Basic Tech Skills Every Author Must Learn

These six tech skills are as essential to today’s authors as hammers and saws are...
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Tech Tools to Help Produce & Sell Children’s Books

Lisa needed some help figuring out how to layout and distribute the children's book she just...
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Book Sales Strategies & Tools for Indie Author Success

The final stage of marketing for authors is book sales. It includes the 4 P’s:...
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A Book Production Checklist for Indie Authors

Are you ready to upload your book for sale to the online retailers? Got all...
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Own Your Author Business in 7 Steps

Taking time to set up your author business before publishing your book can save you...
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Great Editing = Great Writing, Great Reviews & Great Sales

Great editing translates into great writing, great reviews, and great sales. This means developmental and...
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