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Carla King

Tech Tips & Tools  |  San Diego, California  

Carla King is the founder of the Self-Pub Boot Camp educational program of books, workshops, and online courses. Get her free Consumer’s Guide for Self-Publishers web-book to learn about writing and publishing products, tools, and services before you buy. Learn more about them in her weekly 30-minute Author Friendly Podcast when she talks with the people behind the companies who made them.

How to Create a Self Publisher Imprint Name & Logo

Among the items that make your book scream self-published is a free or vanity imprint,...
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Image Creation Tools for Your Book, Website & Social Posts

Don't know how to use professional image creation tools to make infographics, reports, and graphics...
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How to Resize Image Files for Your eBook & Website

You want your eBook size to be as small as possible because Amazon charges you...
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Markdown: The Easy Way to Write, Edit & Format Your Book

Writing a book is hard! Editing a book is hard! And formatting a book is...
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Comparing the 5 Most Popular eBook Distribution Companies

When it comes to publishing eBooks how does an author choose the best vendor? Draft2Digital,...
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Two Online Book Creation Tools That Are Worth the Money

I love the convenience and collaboration of online book creation tools. Because your book lives...
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Four Free Online Book Formatting Tools You’ll Love

Okay, you're ready to create your book and you're looking for some free online book...
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Practical Editing Software for Authors and Editors

Because professional editors are so expensive (and worth every penny), the purchase of electronic editing...
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Your Advance Reader Copy: 6 Tech Tools for Sharing ARCs

An Advance Reader Copy (ARC) of your book is essential for obtaining reviews from early...
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10 Ebook Conversion Tools for Docs to EPUB & MOBI

At some time or another in your publishing journey, you will need to create EPUB...
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5 One Stop Shop Self-Publishing Services for Print & Ebooks

Updated October 2019 to include current Gatekeeper Press pricing. This post is for you if...
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Grow Your Author Email List with These 7 Tech Essentials

You've heard over and over that selling books requires a robust author email list. These...
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Tech Tools for Writers Roundup from BW Tech Expert Carla King

Here’s my annual roundup of tech tools that I feel are indispensable to my work...
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Use Beta Readers to Perfect Your Story and Cultivate Fans

Beta publishing and working with beta readers are fantastic ways to cultivate fans and market...
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As the Sun Sets on Pronoun, Evaluate Alternatives

As the sun sets on Pronoun we can continue to enjoy its benefits while evaluating...
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