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BookWorks authors have rich and varied tales to tell about their adventures in self-publishing. “Notes From the Field” is a new feature on the blog where members can share their experiences (good and bad) for the edification of their indie comrades. Please give them some feedback if what you read resonates. And if you have a story of your own, reach out to us at

Notes from the Field: Ways to Reach Your Niche Audience

In an earlier "Notes" post, A Niche Market Book Can Be a Plus: Why It...
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Publishing on Medium…Can It Work for You?

We wrote about publishing on Medium here in April 2016, when it was still finding its...
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A Niche Market Book Can Be a Plus: Why It Pays to Be ‘Narrow-Minded’

A prevailing marketing adage is that if you're trying to sell to everyone, you end...
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Book Extras and Bonus Material are Great Promo Tools

—By BookWorks Author, Cindy Samul— While reviewing Cindy Samul's book, Snowman Amuck, for Book of...
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Your First Book May Not Be Ready for Primetime

In the latest installment of our Notes From the Field Series, FEATURED AUTHOR Renée Paule gives...
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How to Write Fantasy Books and Have Fun Doing It

Fantasy books are a popular genre with readers and among BookWorks authors. Book of the...
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So You Want to Be in Pictures? “Connecting with Hollywood” Writers Conference

Book of the Week author, Niki Tschirgi, agreed to share her experiences at a recent...
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How I Hired and Collaborated with Illustrators for My Books

In her final installment, Carole P. Roman shares her experiences hiring and working with freelance illustrators...
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How This Indie Author Created Her Kids Book Series

Carole P. Roman is back to share details on how she created her successful kids...
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Screenplays to Novels: How I Went from Scripts to Books

In our latest installment of "Notes From the Field", we asked Book of the Week...
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How to Sell Books Long Term: What Worked for Me

As promised in her first post, we've invited  BookWorks' Book of the Week author Carole...
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Self-Publishing Success as a Family Affair

We continue our "Notes from the Field" with a series of posts from BookWorks author...
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How I Made and Use My Book Trailer

Niki Breeser Tschirgi, a BookWorks Featured Author, agreed to share her experience creating and using...
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Is a Book Tour Worth the Trouble?

By  John Byrne Barry Is a book tour worth the trouble? My accountant would say...
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