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Belinda Griffin

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Belinda Griffin helps authors launch bestselling books with impact, so they can make the difference they are here to make. As the founder of SmartAuthorsLab and as one of Tim Grahl’s certified Book Launch coaches, Belinda offers expert guidance, as well as practical done-for-you and done-with-you support, to help you plan your first or next launch. Belinda also helps writers to grow their all-important author platforms, by forming authentic relationships with readers, both before and after publication. To find out more, grab your FREE guide: How To Get Your Book Noticed With Fantastic Results & follow Belinda on Twitter @SmartAuthors.  

10 Steps to Writing an Awesome Blog Post (+ Free Template)

As a writer, you’re probably familiar with the curse of the blinking cursor. It doesn’t...
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How to Write an Effective Blog Headline

There is an art to writing headlines, and a science too—there is plenty of psychology...
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How to Craft a Guest Blog Pitch (with Free Template!)

So you read my last post on coming up with topics for guest posts and...
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How to Come Up With Blog Topics for Your Guest Posts

By now you may have embraced the idea of writing guest posts to get in...
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How to Build Relationships with Your Email List Subscribers

Guest blogging and podcast interviews may be two of the best ways for authors to...
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5 Ways of Reaching New Readers Using Social Media

Social media has a polarizing effect on authors it seems. Some love it, while others...
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How to Use Guest Podcast Appearances to Reach Readers

Continuing our series on reader outreach strategies, in this post we're going to look at...
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Guest Blogging to Reach More Readers

Everyone says you should start a blog to reach more readers, the trouble is it...
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How to Attract Readers with an Outreach Strategy

It’s frustrating, isn’t it? You’ve followed along with my posts and carefully considered who your target...
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Your Reader Profile Will Solve Most Marketing Dilemmas

At the beginning of this series, I explained how book marketing is about knowing your...
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Finding the Ideal Beta Reader to Match Your Target Reader

As a self-published author you probably already know the importance of beta readers. As Carla...
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Comps: How to Find and Leverage Comparable Books

So many authors are looking for the silver bullet that will solve their book marketing...
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How to Create an Ideal Reader Avatar to Focus Your Book Marketing

In my previous post, Your Target Reader: Identifying and Making the Connection, I talked about...
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Your Ideal Reader Informs All 7 Stages of Publishing

If you’ve been following my posts, you know how important finding your ideal reader is...
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Your Target Reader: Identifying and Making the Connection

In my last post—Connecting to Readers is Book Marketing 101—I said that if you take...
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