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Belinda Griffin

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Belinda Griffin helps authors sell more books, so they can make much greater income and the impact they desire. As a Book Marketing Success Coach at SmartAuthorsLab and a certified Book Launch Coach with Tim Grahl, Belinda helps authors build their all-important platform to form authentic relationships with their readers and also plans and coordinates effective book launch campaigns. To find out more, grab your FREE guide: How to get your book noticed with fantastic results! & follow Belinda on Twitter @SmartAuthors.

Finding the Ideal Beta Reader to Match Your Target Reader

As a self-published author you probably already know the importance of beta readers. As Carla...
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Comps: How to Find and Leverage Comparable Books

So many authors are looking for the silver bullet that will solve their book marketing...
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How to Create an Ideal Reader Avatar to Focus Your Book Marketing

In my previous post, Your Target Reader: Identifying and Making the Connection, I talked about...
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Your Ideal Reader Informs All 7 Stages of Publishing

If you’ve been following my posts, you know how important finding your ideal reader is...
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Your Target Reader: Identifying and Making the Connection

In my last post—Connecting to Readers is Book Marketing 101—I said that if you take...
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Connecting to Readers is Book Marketing 101

Not to state the obvious, but authors need readers, so your marketing efforts should be...
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Introducing BookWorks’ New Readership Building Expert

Amidst all the advice authors receive on how to market and sell their book(s), it's...
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London Book Fair 2018 – Through an Indie Lens

Recently, while chatting with Belinda Griffin of SmartAuthorsLab about a future guest post, she mentioned...
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