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Anne Janzer

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Anne Janzer is an award-winning author on a mission to help people communicate more effectively through writing.

As a professional writer, she has worked with more than one hundred technology companies, writing in the voice of countless brands and corporate executives. She is the author of the books Writing to Be Understood,  The Writer’s ProcessThe Workplace Writer’s Processand Subscription Marketing.

Her books and online courses help writers improve their processes and communication skills, so they can share their thoughts and ideas with the world. Find out more at

The Writing Process Is Not So One-Size-Fits-All

Our focus here on the blog has been largely about Preparing, Publishing, and Promoting your...
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Using Intentional Practice to Improve Your Writing

Want to be a better writer? You’re not alone. Each of us wants to have pride...
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Learning to Love Book Revision: Process is Key

You've finished your draft and now the dread revisions loom. Don't despair. BookWorks member and...
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