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Amy Collins


Amy Collins is the President of New Shelves Books and a contributing writer for and Bookworks as well as a highly respected expert and author on the topic of self-publishing. With over 20 years experience as a Sales Director for companies (such as F+W and WRITER’S MARKET), Amy now guides indie authors and publishers through the maze of book sales and distribution.  She does regular programs with National Speakers Association, IBPA, Nonfiction Author Association, Bublish, AuthorU/Judith Briles, Joel Friedlander, Publicity Hound, and many other regional and national author and publishing educational organizations in the US and the UK.

When not in the office, she works in her community to eliminate poverty, is a singer in a Celtic blues band on the weekends and is saving up for a faster motorcycle.  

Your 2019 Book Marketing Plan, Month by Month

“Fail to plan? Then plan to fail.”  What a HORRIBLE quote, but SO apt for authors...
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Figuring It Out: POD Book Cost & Net Profit Comparisons

Are you curious about POD book cost versus how much you can expect to make on each...
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EBook Sales Figures in Decline? Not So!

Lately, we've been reading reports that eBook sales are falling. According to the American Association...
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Millennials’ Reading Habits and Why They Matter

Today we are going to look at the surprising facts behind younger readers and the...
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Book Review Sites To Help You Get Into Libraries & Stores

The number one way to impress librarians is reviews from established book review sites and...
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The Coveted Book Table: How Those Books Get There

You walk into your local chain bookstore and see a table filled with cookbooks and...
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Independent Bookstores & Indie Authors: a Perfect Match

“Independent Bookstores are Dying” “Indie Bookstores are Too Small to Make an Impact on my...
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Indie Authors, Buy Your Own ISBNs!

(You've read before about how important it is to buy your own ISBNs. Distribution Expert,...
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Make the Most of Your Book Back Cover With These Tips

You have heard over and over from experts and read online how important your front...
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Book Promotion for Indie Authors: Working with Bookstores

These days, the burden of book promotion rests squarely on the author, especially indie authors,...
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Book Publicity Do’s & Don’ts for Indie Authors

Back in August, we featured a guest post by Amy Collins of New Shelves Books...
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Wooing Book Buyers to Get Your Book Into Stores

We all dream of the day we walk into a bookstore, an airport store, a...
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