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Last month our Author Branding Expert, Dave Chesson, announced the new version of KDP Rocket. We were pretty impressed with the old version so we were excited to see what Publisher Rocket 2.0 could do. We love tools that make the challenge of indie publishing easier and this is one that delivers on its promises. If… [Read More]

Discover new Publisher Rocket 2.0 by Dave Chesson for

Last month our Author Branding Expert, Dave Chesson, announced the new version of KDP Rocket. We were pretty impressed with the old version so we were excited to see what Publisher Rocket 2.0 could do. We love tools that make the challenge of indie publishing easier and this is one that delivers on its promises. If you're not yet familiar with what his new software offers, Dave will explain more about the individual features as well as what's in development. Now, here's Dave...

Who says all good things have to come to an end? Can’t they just get even better?

Because that’s exactly what happened with KDP Rocket earlier this year.

For those of you who might be unaware, Rocket is the software I developed to help independent authors and self-publishers sell more books on Amazon. The program allows authors to easily find the best keywords for their book, choose which categories their book should be listed under, scope out the competition, and even create AMS ad campaigns.

And while KDP Rocket was already helping thousands of authors find success, my team and I decided we could make the software even better. So a couple of tweaks and adjustments were made and...Voila! Publisher Rocket 2.0 came into existence.

Publisher Rocket still accomplishes the same goals as the former KDP Rocket. But it’s a much more powerful and efficient platform. And there are several new and exciting features to help you level up your ability to sell a new book on Amazon or revitalize an older one.

Let’s take a look at some of the major changes we’ve made to Publisher Rocket 2.0, and some future updates you can look forward to.

Improvement #1: Brand New Design and Layout

Although KDP Rocket was already one of the more user-friendly Amazon marketing research tools available, we decided to make your experience even better. And this involved giving Rocket a makeover.Discover new Publisher Rocket 2.0 by Dave Chesson for

When Rocket was first created, there were only two functions available—the keyword search feature and the competition analyzer. Later on, we added the Category Hunter and AMS Keyword feature. These additions provided users with even more data and functions to improve their book marketing. The problem started to bog down the program.

That’s why we decided it was time for a change. With Publisher Rocket 2.0, the entire source was rewritten from the ground up in order to provide you with an improved experience. The program is now fully designed to handle everything we can throw at it plus more. On top of that, we made Rocket sleeker and easier to operate!

Improvement #2: Both Print Book & eBook Data are Available

When KDP Rocket was first launched, the program only accounted for eBook and Kindle data. Don’t get me wrong; this information was super helpful for many authors but…something was missing. Not every writer sticks to the eBook arena. Many of you wanted data for Print Books as well. And that was something we just couldn’t provide...

Until now.Discover new Publisher Rocket 2.0 by Dave Chesson for

Publisher Rocket 2.0 nows offers data for not only your eBooks but for Print versions as well! This is awesome for those of you who want to individually market your works in each medium. Inside the new Publisher Rocket 2.0, all you need to do is simply change the filter from eBook to Book, and you’re on your way to quick, actionable insights.

Fun Fact: This is actually one of the main reasons we changed the name from KDP Rocket to Publisher Rocket. We felt that the “KDP name” was too limiting once we were able to include print data. Publisher Rocket extends out further to all self-publishers—both print and electronic.

Improvement #3: Smarter AMS Features

In case you haven’t noticed, we aren’t the only ones striving for improvement. Amazon likes to change things too. In fact, they made some major changes to their AMS platform earlier this year. Changes that needed to be addressed in the old Rocket programming.

So when it came time to release Publisher Rocket 2.0, we optimized our AMS Search Feature to reflect the changes Amazon had made. For example, ou AMS function now offers the ASIN numbers of searched books and any related titles. This is because Amazon now allows you to specifically target books for your AMS ads. But you need the ASIN.Discover new Publisher Rocket 2.0 by Dave Chesson for

Now you’ve got them. Plus, we now show you a “related books list” featuring what Amazon believes to be the closest books to the one you’re searching for. These can be great targets for your advertisements, and Publisher Rocket helps you find them efficiently.

We’ve also added some new filters in our AMS ads searches. This way you can spend even less time digging through search results and more time choosing the best setup for your AMS campaigns.

Improvement #4: Fully Inclusive Amazon Category Library

As you know, when you publish your book on Amazon, you need to make sure you file your book under the proper category. This used to mean a lot of searching and sifting. Creating long-tail strings and then hoping those strings existed.

It was a pain.

But with Publisher Rocket’s new category features, that ordeal has become a thing of the past. We’ve accounted for the entirety of Amazon’s 12000+ category system right inside Rocket. All you need to do is choose whether you want to check out eBook or Book categories, and Rocket will populate a list of starting options. From there, simply click through the strings to find which ones are best for you. From vegan cookbooks to military sci-fi novels, we’ve got you covered.Discover new Publisher Rocket 2.0 by Dave Chesson for

Pretty sweet, huh? We make sure the categories are up-to-date and stay that way, so you can always have the latest and greatest information.

What’s Next for Publisher Rocket 2.0?

I hope you’re as excited as I am about these recent improvements to Publisher Rocket. And if you think that’s all Rocket has in store for you…you’ve got another thing coming. I don’t believe we should just settle for being great. We’re called it Publisher ROCKET because we want to shoot for the skies and beyond.

So here’s a sneak peek at some future features we plan on implementing:

  • International Amazon Book Markets
  • Audible Data
  • Long Time Market Analysis of Keywords
  • New AMS Keywords
  • And Much More!

And the best part is, these upgrades will come completely free to current Rocket users. Right now, you can currently get lifetime access to Publisher Rocket 2.0, along with future updates, for just one payment of $97. Also, we love to hear great ideas from our community. In fact, some of the improvements we’ve made over the years have come from direct suggestions from our users.Discover new Publisher Rocket 2.0 by Dave Chesson for

At Kindlepreneur, we understand that publishing a book can be expensive. We created Rocket to give you an affordable way to level up your Amazon book marketing.

After all, most authors don’t want to work hard writing a book just to give it away for free. They want the validation (and income) that comes from making real sales. And we want to help them reach that goal.

On that note, thanks so much for your support. I look forward to serving you in the years to come.


Note: Dave is currently offering unlimited lifetime access to those who purchase Publisher Rocket 2.0 (the newly upgraded and expanded version of KDP Rocket). If you think this is the keyword tool for you, grab it before it reverts to a monthly subscription.

(In the interest of transparency, Dave is one of a small select group of BW trusted affiliate partners who offer outstanding products and services to help our members succeed in a highly competitive market and from which we may derive a referral commission. If you like what we do here at BookWorks, you can help support our mission by using this link if you decide you want Rocket in your marketing pocket:

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3 thoughts on “Publisher Rocket 2.0 – Discover What’s New & Exciting”

  1. Can I just buy the Publisher Rocket 2 or do I also need to purchase the original KDP Rocket as well?

    1. Dave Chesson says:

      No, Publisher Rocket 2.0 is the upgraded version of KDP Rocket. For those that owned KDP Rocket, it was a free upgrade for them. We’re always adding more features and aspects to Rocket and rocket owners get those updates and upgrades for free 😉

  2. Dave Chesson says:

    Okay, and sounds good – if you haven’t checked out the tutorial page of Rocket, be sure to check that out.

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