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4 thoughts on “Email Marketing for Authors: How to Use MailChimp”

  1. Kat says:

    Frances, hi, thanks for such a piece of information. As I am new in the field – I was wondering about the pricing for this service you describe in the article from both providers Mailchimp & Aweber? You mention that I can get started for free – for how long period? Another day in some indie authors forum I was told of niche provider called Mailerlite, in short description they were recommended as reliable and very easy in daily routine with lots of beautiful landing pages and automation, besides they gave very friendly prices ( forever free plan up to 1000 subs’ and their paid plan starts at 10$/month, you can check it here: I want to understand what is the difference amongst giant & smaller providers and whether it’s worth to pay more for branded service or not?

  2. I’ve found that all of the email marketing services are priced similarly. They start off free and then depending on your number of subscribers, a fee kicks in at about 1,000 or 2,000 subscribers. You can go to MailChimp’s website and check their exact pricing. I’ve never heard of Mailerlite. I use MailChimp and love it. It’s easy to use and is an industry standard.

  3. Kay says:

    Frances, this is so helpful, as your articles always are! Author wants me to run her MailChimp–but she has to be the account owner, right? And she doesn’t have a domain-based email address (uses Weebly Pro)–I can’t get past these two issues to start her MailChimp project as her VA. Can you help?? Thank you!

    1. Yes, you client needs to be the account owner. And she does need a domain-based email address. You can get one through Google. I did a quick search and found this URL:

      When MailChimp began enforcing their domain-based emails, they offered a deal through Google domains so I would go that route.

      Hope this helps!

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