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To start the New Year with a bang, Bookworks will be launching an exciting new version of our website and community. Our goal is to continue to foster exchange, learning, and success among our author members. We share the excitement of seeing your books as they are added, meeting our Featured Authors, and watching the… [Read More]

fireworks-227383_1280-cropTo start the New Year with a bang, Bookworks will be launching an exciting new version of our website and community. Our goal is to continue to foster exchange, learning, and success among our author members. We share the excitement of seeing your books as they are added, meeting our Featured Authors, and watching the conversations unfolding in the BookWorks Author Network.

With that in mind, and after listening to the needs of our members over the last year, our new version is focused on three core principles: Building Community, creating a Hub for Authors Online and providing valuable Author Tools.

Building Community

The very heart of Bookworks is the author community. We now have thousands of members, and we want each of them to be able to find a home here at BookWorks. Our previous version of the site didn’t do as much as we hoped it would in building connections between authors, something that we wanted to remedy. Our community is a place where authors can share, receive tips and tactics for building their books, and support each other on what we all know is the challenging (yet rewarding) path of the self-publisher. Our job at BW, we think, is to facilitate building those connections. To that end, we’ve created some great features to help you forge productive relationships with other authors.

Improved Author Network
Now find and get to know like-minded authors through book genre, location, and other common ground. We’ve added connections that will help you build bridges and get more from your experience.

Plus, see who is connected to whom, send messages to your friends, and use the updated Author Network feed to see what other members are up to.

Discussion Groups
Facilitating lively conversations is one of our key goals for 2017. The value that we see in these virtual roundtables is huge, and we want to be the first place that authors search for answers to their questions, both from other authors and from industry experts. Couple that with “ask me anything”-style QA sessions with self-publishing luminaries—authors, entrepreneurs and influencers—and you have a solid way to build a foundation of knowledge and support.

New Author Profiles
Richer, easier-to-use author profiles better showcase your work, facilitate networking, and allow you to get up close and personal with your fellow BookWorks members. With a focus on simplicity, you can set up an inviting, high-impact profile in less time.


New Bookworks BookShop with Quick Look feature

(New Bookworks BookShop with Quick Look feature)


An Online Hub

We’ve redesigned BookWorks to be a place that is useful for everyone in indie publishing circles. True, the site is primarily geared to authors, but the features for service providers, agents, and media people have all been expanded to make finding the best talent effortless. All areas of the site are now interconnected and more easily navigated, and we’ve re-focused our efforts on providing a great experience for those searching for new books and authors, from readers to agents, to service providers. We want BookWorks to be your virtual neighborhood, where you can browse the work and profiles of your fellow authors, see what is on offer in the classifieds, meet stellar service providers who can help make your book sing and more. We think we’ve built something very special for our users.

New BookShop
The BookShop at BookWorks has always been a favorite of our author members—a place to show off your work and give people a taste of your book and to see what your peers are publishing (not to mention a direct link to retail). The BookShop is now even simpler to use and browse, and features a Quick Look button that makes finding books that you love from your fellow authors fast and easy.

Service Providers—Get Seen
Service providers now have more tools than ever to be seen by the authors that use BW on a regular basis. We are introducing a display advertising program, classified for services and better visibility for service providers in our searchable directory.

Media—Find Amazing Authors
For the first time, media members can find outstanding indie authors by genre, location and more. This helps you get discovered, while media members find great resources for their stories.


(New Bookworks Expert Advice post)


Useful Author Tools

BW has added new tools that improve the usefulness of the website, making it your first stop for Preparing, Publishing and Promoting your book.

BookWorks Expert Advice Blog
To say that we’ve been working on growing the BookWorks blog is an understatement. We’ve brought on a fantastic cadre of writers in 2016, including leaders in the self-publishing sphere who are experts in Social Media, Distribution, Marketing, Book Production, Legal and more. Not ones to sit on our laurels, we will continue adding to our industry-leading group of contributors in 2017. Look for this not-to-be-missed content under the heading “Expert Advice."

BookWorks Classifieds
Now anyone in the BW network can buy a cost-effective classified ad that will be viewed by the thousands of interested BW users that visit our site each week. Whether you are a professional service provider looking to build your brand and find prospects or an author with talent to spare for helping your fellow authors, you can sell your service on the BookWorks classifieds.

New and Improved Service Provider Directory
BookWorks author members can now more easily locate the perfect talent to make sure your book is the best it can be. Find designers, editors, marketers and other self-publishing support services through our greatly improved directory. And for those service providers looking to find new work and gain clients, Bookworks has advertising opportunities available to get your outstanding offerings in front of authors who can use them.

We could not be more pleased with the new and improved BookWorks. We hope that you agree and would love your feedback. Please email with ideas, critiques and fan letters.

Thank you all for being a part of our evolving community!

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