Free Reedsy Book Editor For Indie Authors

Winning the ‘BookTech Company of the Year’ Award at the FutureBook Conference on December 4th in London helped put Reedsy on the map, but their soon-to-be launched Reedsy Book Editor might be the software innovation that puts them on the radar of most indie authors worldwide. Interviewing Reedsy’s cofounder and chief marketing officer Ricardo Fayet… [Read More]

Winning the ‘BookTech Company of the Year’ Award at the FutureBook Conference on December 4th in London helped put Reedsy on the map, but their soon-to-be launched Reedsy Book Editor might be the software innovation that puts them on the radar of most indie authors worldwide.

Interviewing Reedsy’s cofounder and chief marketing officer Ricardo Fayet today, I learned that the company’s much anticipated suite of collaboration tools will significantly simplify the formatting and editing process for self-publishers.

Free ‘Book Editor’ For Indie Authors

Ricardo Fayet

Kit of Collaboration Tools

“At the center of this toolkit is the Reedsy Book Editor.  We have worked long and hard to build the most effective text editor for writing books.  The first version, which we’ll release in January 2016, will allow authors to write their manuscripts online, and download perfectly formatted electronic and print-ready files, typeset to the professionally designed theme of their choice,” noted Fayet.

There will be no charge for using the Reedsy Book Editor to write and format your books [eBooks or printed], nor will there be any fees to export electronic and PDF Files.

The second iteration of the editor will address some much-requested features such as real time collaboration, track changes and commenting.  This will significantly improve upon the back-and-forth communication between editor and writer regarding the manuscript’s updates and revisions.  You can watch a sneak peek preview of the editor in this entertaining video here.

To receive new alerts about the editor, Fayet suggests indie authors sign up for the Reedsy newsletter with Facebook authentication or by posting your email address on the website.  You can also create a free author profile, add all of your networks, upload your portfolio and build a mailing list for your marketing campaigns.

Free ‘Book Editor’ For Indie Authors

Still in Beta?

When queried regarding beta status, Fayet responded, “This is an interesting question. The website is technically still in beta, though after a year we can pretty much guarantee you won’t encounter any more technical problems on it.  We are continuously improving our product and adding new features.”

“Over 7,000 authors have already signed up for the Reedsy marketplace, and we feature over 350 certified professionals.  When will we get to a final version of Reedsy though? Probably never!” added Fayet.

Paid Services

At Reedsy’s core is their “professional marketplace.”  It’s organized by service and genre, so you can research the profiles of the professionals that specialize in services such as personal editing, cover design, illustrations, publicity, typesetting and proofreading. Formatting is not offered by the professionals since the Reedsy Book Editor will take care of that for you.

Free ‘Book Editor’ For Indie Authors

Howey & King

“Our main competitive advantage is the quality of the people we feature in our marketplace.  Our professionals have worked with authors such as George R.R. Martin, Ken Follet, Stephen King, Hugh Howey, Isabel Allende, Jodi Picoult and Paul Krugman,” says Fayet.

“Because we vet every single professional who applies to our marketplace (and over 10,000 of them have done so in the past year), we can literally guarantee the highest levels of quality in the industry.  In fact, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee if you hire a professional via our marketplace,” adds Fayet.

Reedsy’s professionals will respond to writers’ requests with quotes usually within 48 hours turn-around.

Special Offer for readers 

As an author, the only time you have to pay for using Reedsy services is when you hire one of these professionals.

“We charge you a 10% markup on the professionals’ quote, which in turn allows us to offer our guarantee, keep improving the marketplace, and develop the beautiful tech tools I mentioned,” notes Fayet.

“We have found in our 300+ collaborations on the marketplace so far, that our professionals quote in very similar amounts on a given request.  However, the price of editing varies of course a lot depending on the project.  Nonetheless, I can give you a broad range of the prices we see on our marketplace,” adds Fayet.

  • Editorial Assessment for an 80k word manuscript: $500 - $1500
  • Full Developmental edit on an 80k word manuscript: $1500 - $3000
  • Book Cover Design (electronic & print): $300 - $1000 (generally around $500)

“And to sweeten the deal, we’re happy to offer BookWorks readers a $25 discount on any collaboration with our professionals.  For this, just register through this link before end of the year!” adds Fayet.

Free ‘Book Editor’ For Indie Authors

Marketing Services Coming Next. . .

Since Reedsy’s ultimate goal is to become a one-stop shop, Fayet indicated that in January, they’re going to be adding marketing professionals to their marketplace as well.

However, “certifying them takes quite a bit of time, since all self-proclaimed marketers are good at selling themselves, but few are good at selling books,” notes Fayet.

“Our marketers will be able to help on three different categories: the general marketing strategy (helping authors identify their audience and test ways to reach it), email marketing (helping authors build their mailing lists), and advertising (especially social advertising via Facebook ads).  We will have real specialists in each of these categories,” concludes Fayet.

Final Thoughts

So from the Book Editor to the Professional Marketplace, Reedsy has a full compliment of services, to address the needs and pocketbooks of most indie authors today.

Whether you just want to test drive the free Reedsy Book Editor in January or take advantage of the BookWorks discount that you can apply toward other services, be sure to check back and let us know about your experiences.

One of Reedsy’s goals is to become part of the backbone of the digital publishing industry — and as such they will be tweaking and enhancing what's current, as well as adding to their choices.  So be on the lookout for more services, such as ghostwriting, translations, production management and fact-checking in the foreseeable future.

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  1. Willing to Beta Beta Test… Thank you ♛♥♪♥

    1. Profile photo of Ron Callari Ron Callari says:

      Great Bogdan – please let us know how you liked the book editor after it launches in January.

  2. Bob McInnis says:

    I have set up an account on Reedsy and look forward to testing the program in January, once it is released.

    1. Profile photo of Ron Callari Ron Callari says:

      Great to hear Bob – please let us know how it goes?

  3. Profile photo of Odin  Wallace Odin Wallace says:

    I have an account and anxiously await the release. It will be fun to see if it works as described and will be a great asset. Once again, Ron thank you for the information.

    1. Profile photo of Ron Callari Ron Callari says:

      Odin, from the comments it looks like just what the doctor, errhh author ordered. Please do check back with us regarding your success with this product.

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