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Self-Publishing Book Expo Enters Sixth Year

This post is the third in a series of book publishing events that should have indie writers excited about finally getting their just due. From New York Comic Con, to the Frankfurt Book Fair, these established fairs and expos have finally expanded their programs to include topics on self-publishing. However, neither carries the ‘exclusive’ focus… [Read More]

Self-Publishing Book ExpoThis post is the third in a series of book publishing events that should have indie writers excited about finally getting their just due. From New York Comic Con, to the Frankfurt Book Fair, these established fairs and expos have finally expanded their programs to include topics on self-publishing. However, neither carries the ‘exclusive’ focus as the Self-Publishing Book Expo, now in its sixth year.

Mark Your Calendars

This one-day show is to be held Saturday, November 15 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City. It features an expansive agenda of education panels, seminars and an expo. The informational sessions are hosted by some of the leading voices in self-publishing today. Tickets priced at $125.00 for a full day of sessions (14 sessions held concurrently throughout the day) can still be purchased online or at the door, by PayPal, check or money order.

Pre-Registration has its Benefits

While you might want to keep your options open and pay at the door, there is one unique event that Self-Publishing Book Exporequires pre-registration because the participation is limited. The session, “back by popular demand” is the ‘Manuscript One-On-One’ which offers indie authors the opportunity to have their work evaluated by some of the best editors in the business.

For those interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, after you pre-register you’ll be asked to submit an outline and one chapter of your book. You’ll then be scheduled to meet with an editor for a 15-minute, one-on-one editorial consultation.

Tipping your Toes

Self-Publishing Book ExpoFor those new to the self-publishing world, the event this year is targeting you as well. SPBE co-founder and president of One Potata Productions Diane Mancher indicated in a recent Booklife interview that “overall, this year’s SPBE will offer plenty for writers dipping their toe into the self-publishing pool for the first time.”

For those returning or those that might be on the fence, Mancher notes that “the show’s kinks have been worked out,” while deepening the more in-demand aspects of the program and cutting back on topics today’s self-publishers have lost interest in.

Trends Driving the Future of Self-Publishing

Self-Publishing Book Expo

Mark Coker

Smashwords founder, Mark Coker, will present this year’s keynote address. His speech will focus on the current trends transforming the future of authorship and how the “power center” is shifting from publishers to writers – in addition to how self-published authors now have the tools to out-sell and out-compete the big publishers.

When interviewing Coker for this post, I asked him for additional insight regarding the event and the world of self-publishing.

"I'm looking forward to participating in this year's Self Publishing Book Expo. For my keynote I'll explore ten trends and contemporary events that are reshaping the future of authorship, and I'll provide about a dozen tips on how writers can maximize their odds of success given the new realities. For many writers, the current environment is fraught with uncertainty. Due to a number of factors I'll explore and explain, the rate of ebook growth is slowing. The easy days for indie authors are behind us, yet despite the new challenges there's never been a better time to publish a book. It's my hope that attendees will leave my talk informed, inspired and ready to achieve maximum publishing success in the years to come."
                                                                                                       ~ Mark Coker, Smashwords

Diversified Sessions

Self-Publishing Book ExpoAside from the Keynote and ‘Manuscript One-on-One’ sessions, several of the seminars will be divided into different levels of expertise, one for a basic understanding and the other geared towards more advanced discussions pertaining to self-publishing. The marketing sessions, for instance will now include a “Marketing 101” in addition to “Advanced Marketing.”

For those interested, “Advanced Marketing” will delve into online advertising, bookstore promotions, book trailers, and other advertising strategies – and will include speakers from Riffle, AuthorBuzz, Red 14 Films, and Lulu.

“Advanced marketing is of particular importance to Self-Publishing Book Expo’s attendees,” says Lulu’s Director of Product Marketing at Dan Dillon, who will be speaking on the panel, pointing to research that indicates 61% of authors spend less than five hours per week marketing their books. “While you can be successful with this amount of time, it is essential that you are putting the time to the best use and marketing effectively to ensure success.”

Social Media

Since Social Media has revolutionized the way authors promote their work and their brand, at this year’sSelf-Publishing Book Expo event you’ll be able to learn how best to use Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to your advantage. This session will place emphasis not only on establishing your presence on these social networks, but will drill down to an understanding as to how to grow your audience with content that will resonate with readers, fans and fellow authors.

More Exhibitors than previous years. . .

Self-Publishing Book ExpoAnd no event of this type would be complete without a trade show that can put you in touch with companies and fellow authors that can help you hone you craft, promote your work and gain tips and how-to’s. This year’s expo will include many new exhibitors and vendors offering services, advice and assistance for self-publishing authors. The list below notes the confirmed list of exhibitors.


  • Author Connections
  • BeauteBook
  • BiblioCrunch
  • BlueInk Review
  • BookFuel
  • BookHive
  • BookLife
  • Bowker
  • Brian Hatch*
  • Carol Crayton*
  • Daisy Jordan*
  • Daniel LaRussa*
  • Dick Margulis Creative Services
  • EFA
  • Ekko Multimedia
  • H.W. Vivian*
  • Laura Shabott*
  • Kirkus Reviews
  • NookPress
  • Smashwords
  • Smith Publicity
  • Sunny Rubin*

(Note *author exhibitors - while the event is no longer accepting registrations for authors or corporate exhibitors - you might want to think about exhibiting at the 2015 event (date yet to be announced)).

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Self-Publishing Book Expo Enters Sixth Year

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